Friday, October 25, 2013

If I Were A Boy…


Happy Friday everyone! I hope that your week has passed by super quickly! This coming weekend is the last weekend in October! I’m sorry, but when did that happen? Where did the days go? I feel as though fall has passed by in a blink and now we are seeing snow in the long term forecast?!? What?!

I may love country music but I have, on more than one occasion, accused my playlist from having schizophrenia. It can play the most beautiful country song and then switch to gangster rap in an instant. But musically, I know what I like and I don’t care what genre it happens to fall under.

Beyoncé's song, “If I Were A Boy” is a song that I love to listen to. I think it’s catchy and the idea of the song is genius. Any song that get’s me thinking is A-Ok in my books! Now, the song may be way more deep then my own thoughts on being a boy for day! But, I thought I’d share them none the less.

If I Were A Boy…I’d have no hair on my head. A bean shave would be my style of choice! I may even just do it myself at home with clippers! The amount of money I would save on hair products would be awesome!

If I Were A Boy…I’d have a huge party and fire to burn all my bra’s and fancy underwear! Boxers would be my go-to underwear of choice! Ah, the freedom!  

If I Were A Boy…I’d never step on a scale or grab at my flab. While I know some men have body image problems I would say that it is never to the scale that women obsess about it!

If I Were A Boy…I’d still swear like a sailor but I’d relish in the fact that no body says I have the mouth of a sailor. Working on a farm, around mostly men has made me acquire somewhat of a potty mouth. When I swear I get looked at as being “un-lady” like but if I were a boy, I’d swear all I want without being judged.

If I Were A Boy…I would get ready in 5 seconds. What a feeling of freedom it must be to get up and throw on clothes, slap on deodorant, and run a brush over your teeth and be ready for the day. I would be a low maintenance man!

If I Were A Boy…I’d never have to worry about body hair again. Again, low maintenance man. Hairy legs, face and chest all the way!

If I Were A Boy...I would be less afraid of the dark. I wouldn’t worry about walking to my car by myself in the middle of the night. I’d sucker punch anyone who made me mad.

If I Were A Boy…I would hopefully be more coordinated and be able to be better at sports. Or, at least try. I’d love to sweat because a simple shower (without having to get my hair ready after) would clean me up!

If I Were A Boy…I’d never have to get someone to open jars for me again!

If I Were A Boy…I’d remember how special a girl feels when we open doors for her and do it all the time. I’d have this knowing secret of what little things women like and what makes them feel special.

And finally…

If I Were A Boy…I would definitely wish to be a girl again!

Hope you all have a great weekend!



  1. In my next life I'm totally coming back as a boy. This whole girl thing is for the birds. Alex gets dressed in literally 5 seconds. It takes me forever and I'm SO low maintenance. Totally not fair.

  2. Wow, I totally just made a note in my phone yesterday to do a post just like this.
    I totally agree on the low maintenance thing. My husband showers 3 times a day sometimes (yes it's weird), but it takes like 5 minutes because he has hardly any hair and doesn't have to do anything with it or reapply makeup. Sometimes that would be really nice...