Monday, October 21, 2013

This Weekend I…


Today I am linking up with Synfully Delicious for This Weekend, I.

This Weekend, I…Had sort of a date night with Ryan on Friday. I’ve been so busy and out of the house every night that I wanted to take a night to just spend with him. We went for supper at the Baton Royale (with a gift card from Jilly, thanks dude!) and then attended a wake. Not what you would categorize as fun date activity but we were together the whole night at that was all that mattered!

This Weekend, I…did some campaigning when I could. It has actually been going very good and has been fun meeting some neighbours that I have never had the chance to meet before! On Saturday morning I had coffee with one couple and ended up staying for over an hour because we were just having such a good chat. Of course I would like to be voted in as councillor in Ward 3 but if not, I am so happy with the fact that I have gotten to meet so many new people.

This Weekend, I…went on the Quyon Car Rally with Dad and Ryan! We packed up some snacks and had a blast touring the back roads! For those who don’t know, Car Rally is like a big scavenger hunt! Your team leaves the hall with your directions to follow. When instructed you must stop and answer some questions. Usually the answers are posted somewhere in that vicinity but you have to get out to look!

My team and I kept laughing at the fact that while this event is so fun to us and the community,  to others who have never heard of it before must give us a side glace!

It is a super fun event and is sure to sell out every year! But to outsiders we must look pretty silly driving all along the back roads, looking high and low in hitches and high grass looking for answers (some of us in costumes).

Photo by Dolan Art and Photography

The goal every year is to NOT win first! If you win first, you have to plan the next years route and questions! I was SO pleased to hear my team won 5th place!

As they got closer to the top 2 teams, a group of friends were starting to get pretty nervous...

car rally 2

And they should have because they won FIRST PLACE! CONGRATS GUYS (suckers..)!

car rally 3

 This Weekend, I…had a great laugh at one of the clues by my election sign! The answer was “Gin and Sing”.

Photo by Dolan and Photography

This Weekend, I…went to the “after” rally supper and winners announcement for the first time! Ryan never wants to go to this portion but I really wanted to see what it was all about! Turns out it was my favourite part! Not only did I get to enjoy a delicious meal (that I didn’t have to cook) but sitting around with friends discussing answers to the questions was a blast!

Photo by Dolan Art and Photography

This Weekend, I…went to a bridal shower on Sunday morning and a Mayor’s “meet the candidates” talk Sunday afternoon. Upon trying to find something to wear for both, realized that none of my pants button up comfortably anymore! I was hoping I could make it farther then 15 weeks without depending 100% on the belly band but it’s here now in full force!

What did you do this weekend?



  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I was happy to have a date night with my hubby on Friday too and to do a little shopping :)

  2. Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend. Happy Monday! Stopping by from the This Weekend I link up :)

  3. Sounds like a packed weekend! You must be exhausted! And you made it this far without depending on the belly band! I consider it a success that I made it to almost 19 weeks and I can still fit in my clothes, I choose not to. It's all a choice. Haha.