Thursday, October 3, 2013

Baby W– 8, 9, 10 and 11 Weeks


8 Weeks as of August 31, 2013

week 8-001

9 weeks as of September 7, 2013

sept 7 12-001

10 Weeks as of September 14, 2013

week 10-001

11 weeks as of September 21, 2013

11 weeks-001

These weeks: Some days are good and some days are bad but overall feeling good and excited. Ryan and I keep thinking these weeks about telling all of our loved ones and how excited we are to share our news! We are just wanting to begin openly talking about Baby W!

Size of Baby: Baby is still growing like crazy! From the size of a raspberry in week 8 to a lime in week 11! A lime seems really big to me now!

Maternity Clothes:  Not yet! Although I might have to invest in a larger bra! The girls seem to be growing steadily!

Stretch Marks/Weight: Nothing new for stretch marks. I’ve always had a couple stretch marks on both sides of my hips. I also have a couple of my breasts. Weight is down about 10 pounds from food aversions/nausea.  

Movement: Not yet! But I keep wondering what that will be like!

Food Cravings/Aversions:

Week 8: Still loving cereal and nice cold water! I am always thirsty! I’ve never been a juice drinker but every morning I down a glass of orange juice! Then, I have an orange for a snack after lunch! Loving orange everything I guess this week. 

Week 9: I hate everything.

Week 10: Not as bad as last week but still have no appetite. I have to be careful what I eat. The slower I eat, the easier it is for me to recognize if it is sitting well.

Week 11: Still not loving strong flavours. Had a HUGE craving for sour patch kids this weekend and searched high and low until I found some! Loving plain food like mashed potatoes!

Symptoms: Let’s not talk about week 9. Week 9…you suck! But nausea is now lessening. Some days I can go a whole day without getting sick now! Love those days! Random growing pains in my belly…kind of feels like stretching. Still super tired and loving the naps! One weird symptom I have been noticing more is my sense of smell! It is so strong!

What I miss: Nothing really. Maybe a thinner waistline? I’m down about 10 pounds yet my middle is definitely thicker. No bump or anything just thicker. Pants are getting tight at the waistline.

Labour signs: Not for a LONG time!

Gender: No idea but Ryan and I have agreed on the fact that we are not going to find out…more on that later!

Belly Button In or Out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On!

What I’m looking forward to these weeks:

Week 8: Had our first doctor appointment at the end of last week. Can’t say I was overly thrilled with how it went...more on that later! Looking forward to maybe feeling normal again this week and keeping my house clean again! haha!

Week 9: Looking forward to this week being over. This week has been awful! Worse one yet for nausea. I’m going to just remove week 9 from the memory banks. 

Week 10: Making it through the week and getting closer to letting everyone know about Baby W!

Week 11: Doctors appointment on Thursday where hopefully we will hear the heart beat! 

Daddy these weeks: I have to give credit where credit is due. Ryan was more then happy to sit back as I ran around the house cleaning and cooking. Its not that he couldn’t do it but he would see me doing the work and think, “why bother, she can handle it”. This would drive me crazy and on more then one occasion I would call him out on his lazy ways! Since becoming pregnant, the housework and cleaning has been slacking at my end. I just physically don’t have the energy. Ryan has really picked up the slack! He has been wonderful! He has literally been cooking every meal and looking after all the house work! He will even take my laundry and fold it for me! Ryan HATES folding laundry! I am so thankful for his help these weeks! I really do have a wonderful life partner who is there to help when it is needed!

In week 9, I was very sick! Daddy is usually pretty squeamish about all things puke. He avoids it! Usually, he would give a supportive “there, there dear” from outside the bathroom door. But, a couple times this week Daddy has come into the bathroom to hold Mommy’s hair, get her a towel and hold her when she was crying. He shocked me! He never even batted an eyelash! 


Resting again, so important! Keep your expectations low for your first doctors appointment! Back away from the google search!

Best Moment this week:

Week 8: Had an extra pregnancy test that was going to expire in the new year! After the disappointing doctors appointment, I decided to calm some of my nerves and take a test! Very happy when I saw the pregnancy line show up BEFORE the control line!


Week 9: Just looking forward to this week being over! Emotionally all the sickness has taken a toll on me. You hate to be negative about something that is happening to you that is suppose to be positive but sometimes it just plainly sucks!

Week 10: Finally getting to tell my parents, Ryan’s parents and my brother and sister-in-law! Its so nice to have that in the open now! It is especially great for work because I have them in on getting me to my doctors appointments without any suspicion from anyone else!

Week 11: Telling some close friends the news! Watching their reactions has been priceless and a memory I will always cherish! At 11 weeks and 6 days, heard the heart beat for the first time! So amazing!



  1. I still can't believe you aren't finding out. How are we supposed to know if our little ones are going to be BFFs or future husband and wife?! Haha

  2. Aww that sucks that you have been really sick, I hope it's starting to get better for you, and very nice that Ryan is helping you out, so sweet :) You are looking great, you look so happy and definitly have a glow to you!

  3. Hearing the heartbeat for the first time is AWESOME! I am anxious to hear more about your doctors appointment, are you seeing an OB or a midwife? I have enjoyed seeing a midwife a lot more, she is so laid back and seems to spend more time with me at my appointments.

    I commend you for not wanting to find out. Part of me wishes that we wouldn't have known, but maybe next time we won't find out!

  4. I can't wait to hear about Baby W giving you little kicks . Glad to hear Ry is helping out but then I knew he would .

  5. I hear ya on the smells, I had a high tolerance to smells with Tanner

  6. Can't wait for that baby bump to start poppin'!! Soon enough, I know. ;)