Monday, December 16, 2013

9 Days Till Christmas..EEEE!!!!


Happy Monday everyone! Are you all feeling as festive as I am? It’s kind of hard not to this time of year. Everywhere you turn and everything you do seems to revolve around Christmas! Or maybe that’s just what it seems like to me! ha ha!

Even work things centre around Christmas activities! This past Thursday I participated in the Ottawa Valley Turfgrass Association’s annual Christmas Cheer which involves a curling game! With the O.k from my doc, I was out on the ice sweeping with my team who just happened to be curling against my Dad’s team!

We had SO many laughs and later gathered for drinks and snacks with the rest of the Association (and curlers) to celebrate the upcoming holiday! Did I ever mention I LOVE what I do for a living? I think I work in the best industry! 


Friday night was another annual Christmas party with my besties, hubbies and kiddos! The group has certainly changed over the years but it’s always great to get together with the ladies to chat and enjoy some yummy food! It’s so fun now to see all of the kids interact with one another!

pot luck 2

We did our annual gift exchange as well. I absolutely love my gift! In particular, I LOVE the kid friendly nativity scene! It will be perfect for Baby W in the Christmas’ to come!

pot luck

Saturday morning Ryan and I headed to Shawville to get a few groceries before heading home so that Ryan could go back to bed! We were expecting a lot of snow over the next 36 hours which meant that he would be gone to work!

While he was sleeping I got to work on some Christmas wrapping! We had a quick supper together and then he was off to the city!

Saturday was SO cold and just continued to get colder as night time came! That night it was the Christmas parade in our little town! I knew I wanted to still go despite the cold and the snow that was now falling down! So, I dug in the back of my closet for all of my warmest winter gear! Snow pants, heavy jacket, boots, mitts and fur lined tuque (don’t worry PETA, the animal died of natural causes).

I was snuggled up nice and warm but it was –28 degrees Celsius (that’s –18 degrees Fahrenheit for my American friends) and my eyes still watered from the cold wind the minute I stepped outside!


I have to give credit to all of the people involved in the 11 beautiful floats that braved the cold! Even the big man, Saint Nick came out to Quyon!

parade 2

Once I got home I was still chilled so I made a hot chocolate and started watching a Christmas movie! Tucker joined me and of course got comfy right where my belly is! This Pup knows there is someone in there! He didn’t even mind the occasional kick in the head!

Tucker and belly

Saturday morning I got a call that Church was cancelled. When I looked out my window I could see why! We had a huge dumping of snow! So, I continued with wrapping all morning and actually got most of it done!

I took a quick nap and then got ready because Dad and I were going to go get my grandmother and take her on our annual date to a Christmas concert! On of my very talented Aunt’s is the pianist for the Ottawa Valley Men’s Choir and their final show before Christmas was Sunday night.

After a quick supper we headed to the church to get our seats! As always, the OVMC did an amazing job! This is the third Christmas that I have seen them and every year the show is different! 


Christmas parties, wrapping, parades and carols…you don’t get a weekend more full of festive activities then that!

9 days and counting! Smile 

How was your weekend?



  1. While I agree with the Christmas spirit... I'm going to need you to stop the countdown. I have done NO shopping yet! Eek! Haha. Umm... and next time it is snowing and FREEZING out can you please leave your pregnant butt home where it is safe? Thanks! Haha

  2. Anytime I am at my brothers house his dogs want to lay their head on my belly. They are both so obsessive over me now, it's like they know something is different. My dog on the other hand seems to have no idea, nor does the cat!