Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Baby W– 21 Weeks


*Each bumpdate is from the week before. I am currently 22 weeks and 5 days pregnant.

dec 1 4

21 weeks as of November 29, 2013

This Week:

Christmas preparations are in full swing this week and the count down is on! I am always excited for Christmas but this year I am EXCEPTIONALLY excited! I just keep imagining Christmas next year and how much more exciting holidays will be with a child.

This week I called the local CLSC to look into pre-natal stuff. Was told that because of the lack of participants that they wouldn’t offer anything to me. I was a little saddened by this mostly because I feel so clueless, especially about the hospital portion! I don’t know if I am suppose to go to the hospital and they call the doctor…or if I call the doctor. When to go to the hospital. So many little questions! Thankfully, I have lots of friends who had babies in our local community hospital that I can rely on for answers! **That was your official warning girls…expect lots of questions! Smile 

Baby This Week:

Size of a carrot (another yum!). Baby is practicing his or her martial arts skills. I think I have a future Karate Kid on my hands! Baby has eyebrows and lids now. Baby also has some sort of sleeping/wake cycle going on in there! Baby should be around 1 pound now!

Maternity Clothes:

Absolutely! Although at our company Christmas party on Friday I was able to button AND zip a pair of grey pre-pregnancy slacks comfortably! I was amazed! 

Stretch Marks/Weight:

Nothing new to report in the stretch mark department. I am putting cocoa butter on every morning and then just regular lotion every night. The regular lotion is going everywhere though because my skin is getting dry with this winter weather!

Weight is up another 1 pound this week which I am kind of amazed me since I was REALLY enjoying my own Christmas baking this past weekend! Ha ha! So –4 since the beginning of the pregnancy.


Yes! This karate kid has days where all it does is squirm and kick! The next day the baby will be so mellow and chill.

Food Cravings/Aversions:

Still don’t like large meals and tomatoes. Had a DELICIOUS chicken curry at Moxies this past weekend that I could have again soon! Yum! Also loving the Christmas sweets!


Besides the obvious belly, I am noticing a change in my breasts again this week. They are sore again like in the first trimester!

My skin is so dry but that is more from the winter weather then actual pregnancy symptom. I am lathering up on the lotion either way and downing the water because I just feel constantly dehydrated!

Another weird (and mentionable) symptom is my hairy belly! Gross, right?! I always had peach fuzz on my belly but I am noticing it to be longer and darker (more noticeable!). I gather from one of the pregnancy forums I am apart of that this is normal. Thanks for the heads up…

The best symptom is the energy. If I get a proper sleep, I am like the energizer bunny! But if I don’t get proper rest, I am useless. I can’t even pretend like I am not lazy because it’s like my body wants to shut down. Sleep has been good though. I am so thankful that for the most part, I have had little to no issues with sleep. For a while I was having this 3 AM wake up call where I couldn’t fall back asleep but that didn’t last more then 2 nights.

What I Miss:

I kind of miss the freedom to eat what ever I want. I won’t even try new foods right now because it makes me too nervous.

I also miss being treated not so delicately. I think people assume when you are pregnant that you are suddenly fragile. But for the most part I have never felt better! 

Labour Signs:



Mom commented this week that I am carrying high which would indicate a girl. She then said that my belly shape reminds her more of when she was pregnant with my brother. So I think she is confused! ha ha!

Belly Button In or Out:


Wedding Rings On or Off:

On! And hoping to keep it that way!

What I’m Looking Forward To This Week:

I am looking forward to a day in the city which includes a movie! I can’t remember the last time I went to a movie!

Also looking forward to getting ready for Christmas!

Daddy This Week:

Daddy again is working very hard. 7 days a week last week and it looks like this week will be the same. It’s hard to get any progress done on the nursery with him always working. Hoping his schedule will be more open in the coming weeks!

Daddy is very anxious to feel you kick. When I have my hand on my belly because you are kicking he drops what he is doing and rushes over to do the same. Of course you stop every time he does! Mommy hates to see the disappointment on his face so can you please kick him soon?


You are going to grow hair in strange places!

Best Moment Of The Week:

Movie and popcorn! Watching Father of The Bride 2! The movie is so much more relatable now that I am pregnant! Can’t help but laugh at some of the crazy pregnancy symptom scenes!

Tucker has become very attached to me! Usually he loves Ryan (because he is the one that feeds him every night!) but lately it is all about me! He will not leave my side. Even in our bedroom he would rather sleep on my side of the bed on the floor then on Ryan’s where his comfy pillow is! I had to capture this in one of my 21 week bumpdate pictures!

dec 1 5

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  1. hairy belly button thingy is common and I also find you are carrying high

  2. That stinks about the prenatal stuff. I mean, even if there's only 5 people, those 5 people still need to know what's going on, right? Crazy. Oh I so miss wearing pre-pregnancy pants. I haven't even tried since my Thanksgiving Day debacle.

  3. The doctor will explain all the hospital stuff when you get closer to your due date so don't worry! He will give you his pager number and when you think you are ready page him, he will call you back and will ask you stuff like how far apart are your contractions and he will be able to tell by how you are talking if you should head to the hospital right away or if you can stick around at home for a while. It will all work out!
    In Ontario I had the prenatal group classes that I could go to, but I also had the option of hiring somebody to come to my house and do the course for us in a couple of hours. Maybe that would be something you could do? I also watched a couple of birthing videos online, but that might be too scary for you at this point!

  4. I'm 35 weeks today and my wedding rings are still on! I'm not sure how that is possible but I'll take it!

    You are looking great mama!