Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013


Happy Monday everyone! And if you are like me, you are back to work after the Christmas holidays yet before the New Years!

This was definitely one amazing Christmas! I kept sitting back and soaking up all the memories that I could as this is the last Christmas Ryan and I will have as a family of 2!

It’s kind of become a tradition around here that our Christmas break starts out at the farm with a little party. The gang gets together to play some tunes and have some drinks (pop for me). This year was no different. A broken truck made the party a little later then usual but I really enjoyed the hour of music before heading home!


Christmas Eve night my family agreed that we would get together for snack foods and let the kids open their gifts before heading to Christmas Eve service. We had WAY too much yummy snack food to munch on as we tried to keep the kiddo’s away from the tree!

Watching the kids open their gifts was one of the biggest highlights of my Christmas. There is something so magical about Christmas through a youngsters eyes!

I can’t help but laugh at this picture! I love Clark’s expression!

Christmas (4)

Christmas (20)

We all rushed out the door to get to church for the special Christmas Eve service! Ryan and I got into costume as we were asked to play Mary and Joseph this year in the Christmas pageant.


It was a busy but beautiful service. As always the highlight for me is when we all listen to Silent Night being played on guitar with just the glow of candles.

After church we stopped in at my parents house again to grab a couple last minute items and then headed home before Santa saw that we were awake! Smile 

It was past 8 AM before Ryan and I were awake! I giggled to him that we should really enjoy and remember this as we will probably have some very early morning Christmas’ in the near future!

My parents arrived at 9 with stockings as we pull names for stocking stuffers! We sipped on hot chocolate as we slowly opened each stocking gift.

We made our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of Bacon Bunnies before heading to the basement to see if Santa had made it to Beechgrove that night!

Christmas (27)

As always, we are all so fortunate and took our time while opening the gifts to one another! One gift that brought me to tears was the “Baby’s First Year” book Ryan bought me! We relaxed for a few hours in front of the T.V (and tree!) before getting ready for Christmas dinner at Ryan’s parents house.


We arrived at Bev and Eugene’s to begin the festivities there. This was the first Christmas for our (step) niece, Sophie! She looked absolutely adorable in her little Santa sweater! We all took turns holding the precious babe.

Cousin Katelynn holding Sophie! 

Christmas (28)

After an amazing meal we all headed down stairs to open gifts! As usual we were spoiled with amazingly thoughtful gifts! I especially love the warmth (and look) of my new infinity scarf that Bev knitted me!


Ryan was pretty proud because after gifts he took a crying Sophie and walked her to sleep! I took her later for a snuggle and we both laughed at all the “baby practice” we were getting in!

Christmas (35)

Boxing Day was super relaxing! After all the excitement from Christmas, we were able to sleep in till almost 9! We puttered around the house and relaxed before heading to my parents that afternoon for Christmas Dinner #2!

Being that the kids had opened their gifts on Christmas Eve they enjoyed their new stuff while we adults enjoyed a nice quiet dinner!

Christmas (37)

After supper we exchanged gifts with my brother and sister-in-law! We were shocked and thankful to open a gift certificate for a family photo shoot once Baby W arrives! We had gifted this same certificate to them when Everett arrived! Their pictures turned out beautifully and I had hoped one day when we had our own baby that we could get pictures done to remember that time. Thankfully, we will!

Photo by Lena B Photography

Unfortunately, I had to go into work on Friday before the weekend! It was such a quiet day and it really dragged on! The weekend was super quiet as Ryan was away for a bachelor party! I am sad to say that I began taking down all the Christmas decorations! It was such a low key weekend and the perfect opportunity!

I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas that was full of memories! I really took my time this Christmas to soak up all the memories rather then rush through the motions. I couldn’t help but think of how different our lives will look next year. I keep wondering who this little human will be. What gender….what name….what looks…

I hope that you had a magical and wonderful Christmas!



  1. I know you're going team green. Have you guys picked names? We have a boys name but can't agree on a girls name. I almost think it's soooo hard naming someone you've never met.. lol.

  2. Sounds like you guys had a busy but fun Christmas! :)