Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekend Of Nesting!


Happy Monday everyone! What a weekend! My little pregnant heart feels so overjoyed this morning! Now that I am 22 weeks pregnant, I was getting a little concerned that nothing was going to get done around the house until after Christmas. December is busy for everyone and with snow, Ryan’s plowing schedule has been hectic.

BUT this weekend, stuff got done!

The weekend started out with my last book club meeting of 2013! It’s always a fun one because we have a potluck dinner before discussing the book! This book was by far my favourite of the year!

So typically I am not one to buy infomercial products. I think they can be a large waste of money. I took last Wednesday off so that I could start and finish my Christmas shopping. While I was shopping around the pharmacy I saw this product.

**P.S- When looking on google imagines under “hot buns” be prepared for some very sexual pictures!

I love to throw my hair up but my fine hair makes it difficult. I figured it was cheap and if it didn’t work, no harm done! Before heading out to book club on Friday I decided to give it a try! I was SHOCKED at how easy it was to use and I loved the way it turned out! It stayed in the whole time and never felt like it was going to fall out! I would definitely give this product a “buy”!

dec 9 1

*This is just my personal opinion and I am in no way getting sponsored by this product

Saturday morning the boys got to work on some house projects! While they were working away I got busy on some Christmas baking, laundry and Christmas crafting! For some reason it feels later in December then it actually is but I just want to be able to relax before Christmas. I would like to have everything ready!

That afternoon Dad and I headed to the supper in the city and then went over to the Canadian Tire Centre to watch the Ottawa Senators take on the Toronto Maple Leafs!

dec 9 2

Of course being a Leafs fan, Dad and I were out in our blue and white attire while cheering on our team! It was an AWESOME game to be at since the game was a tie and ended in a shoot out! So exciting to watch live!

dec 9 3

Sunday morning it was off to church and then back home for breakfast before the guys got back to work!

My kitchen is kind of a mess with all the remnants of painting and renovating but I love how everything is coming together! The nursery is completely painted and just waiting on some electrical work and then I can start on furniture! I have also hated the look of our downstairs bathroom for a long time and it got a facelift as well! Ryan and my Dad worked pretty much all weekend on the house and I can’t be more thankful! My little pregnant and nesting heart feels so great!  

dec 9 4

How was your weekend?



  1. You are so far ahead of me! Haha. Our nursery is still missing two walls and has a toilet sitting in the middle of it! It is driving me nuts!

  2. I feel like I've been nesting like crazy, yet set back now with my ankle. But Christmas is literally a few weeks away, so I need to change my priority haha. Can't wait to see the nursery painted!! I keep on forgetting your are Canadian too!! It does sound like a good game!!
    Glad you had a productive weekend.

  3. I noticed how lovely your hair looked at church yesterday. I think the girls in our family will get them as stocking stuffers if they are not too much money. Thanks for posting about it.