Friday, December 13, 2013

Bathroom Re-do!


Happy Friday everyone! I can’t even imagine today being a suspicious day being that it is the 13th! To me, it’s the second last Friday before Christmas!

It’s been busy around my home lately. Not only are we getting ready for Christmas but house stuff is getting done in preparation for Baby W’s arrival! Like any pregnant A-type nesting fiend, I have a short (ha!) list of things I want to get done before the baby comes. Two of those things involved renovations of the house some how! I told Ryan from the beginning, the most important of the two is the baby’s room. If it was the only thing (renovation wise) that got done, I’d be happy!

The other was an eye sore of mine for a long time, our down stairs bathroom!

You see, we actually did renovate this bathroom whenever we re-did the kitchen since it is right off of it. We ordered the same cabinets and granite and even painted it a similar color. At the time, we had hired painters to do the WHOLE house with at least primer and the kitchen and bathroom I picked out a color! While I have always loved my orange kitchen, I have always hated the same color in the small bathroom.

Not to mention at the time, the painters were running out of time before they had to get done to move on to the next house. Because of that, they did a not so good on painting the bathroom. Only one coat on the trim and walls. So, for the last 5 years it has stayed that way while we renovated the rest of the house. It just wasn’t high on the priority list.

But, it was a room that bugged me for a LONG time! I use this bathroom every morning to get ready and all the imperfections were always so evident to me! In fact, I never even blogged about this rooms renovation because it never felt finished to me.

Here are the of the bathroom from before the first renovation:

Before pictures 011

Before pictures 010

Before pictures 008

And here are the initial after pictures:

Reno 011

Reno 012

Reno 013

As you can see, I had a great functioning bathroom but something about the orange in this room always bothered me and the room felt unfinished. I put it on the “nesting” list in hopes that we could at least give it a second coat of paint. But what I didn’t imagine was that my Dad and Ryan would go to town on this space one weekend and completely transform it into something I love! It’s amazing what a coat of paint, a little home depot tile and a homemade barn board shelf will do!


Christmas decorations (31) 

The color is Autumn Hay from Betonel and the tile is Manhattan Blend from Home Depot.

I LOVED this tile when I first saw it and it was where I got the paint color from! I knew I wanted a decorative backsplash and luckily Home Depot has a lot of inexpensive options! $14.99 for each 12x12 sheet and my space only needed 4 sheets. Grout was called Haystack from Home Depot and we needed one very small container!

Christmas decorations (32) 

I fell in love with a barn board shelf that I saw at one of the homes from last week’s Christmas House Tour. Knowing that we have barn board lying around the farm, I bought two black brackets from Home Depot ($9.95 each) in hopes that my Dad could make a shelf! I came home one afternoon and it was up and I LOVE it!

Christmas decorations (34)

Christmas decorations (33)

Christmas decorations (35)

Christmas decorations (36)

I was amazed at the way the bathroom was transformed in ONE weekend! Not only in that same weekend did the boys paint the baby’s room but they completely re-did my bathroom! It is one BIG check mark off of the to-do list! It is a huge sense of relief to have this space as I want it now! I can’t thank them enough!

Happy Friday!



  1. Love it! I'm such a sucker for backsplash like that!

  2. Looks great! Send those boys my way, I have a major bathroom reno that needs to be done! haha!!

  3. Looks awesome!!! I'm dreading doing ours and it has to be done before the baby comes!! That backsplash tile is pretty!! Great choices!!

  4. You are so fortunate to have handy men! Looks great!

  5. It looks so good! Love the colour and backsplash too