Monday, December 2, 2013

First Weekend In December!


Happy Monday everyone! I look out my office window at a wintery scene and can’t help but feel the excitement for Christmas. It also helps that I spent most of my weekend surrounded by all things that reminded me of Christmas!

Friday was a big night for everyone here at the farm…our annual Christmas Party! Not only does our party give us the chance to celebrate Christmas but it is also the finale to a busy work season. It’s always one of my most favourite Christmas parties because not only is it the first one usually, but everyone is always SO excited for it. We have the party at the local bar Gavan’s and get the best caterer around, Cafe 349 to serve a full Christmas dinner! We do gifts, anniversary plaques and then the band gets started and the party really gets going!

mvt xmas (2)

mvt xmas (10)

Dad, Mom and Ray with his 35 year plaque!

For the last few years we have encouraged the guys to grow moustaches and for everyone person that did, $25 would be donated in their name to prostate cancer. A terrible accident happened to the family of another local business and as a family we decided to donate the money instead to them this year. It was a surprise to everyone that night and they were all very happy to have the money go to such a great cause!

mvt xmas (14) 

The party was lots of fun but by 11 I was SO ready to head home! I wanted to have a good nights sleep because I knew I had a busy day ahead of me on Saturday.

Saturday morning I got ready and then headed to the city with Jill to go to build-a-bear, to celebrate the 2nd birthday of Landyn! I was so excited to go to Build-A-Bear, it’s such a neat concept and I enjoyed watching the kids make their choices!

dec 1

With new Teddy Bears in hand, we all headed over to a local coffee spot to sit and enjoy a birthday cupcake! Landyn is SO good at smiling on demand, is he not the cutest?

dec 1 3

After the birthday festivities were through, Jill and I wandered through the mall getting some Christmas shopping done. We then grabbed a delicious early supper at Moxies before leaving the mall to head over to the movie theatre! We had decided since we were already in the city, it was a good chance to go and see the newest Hunger Games movie! It did not disappoint!! I think they did such a great job at making the movies as close to the books as possible!

Sunday morning it was off to church while Ryan got some rest. He had to go into work later on that afternoon to clear snow. Once I got home Ryan and I relaxed before he left. Once he left I got to work on doing laundry, watching Christmas specials and doing some baking! 2nd trimester energy is the best! Between folding laundry and watching lifetime Christmas movies, I was also able to make banana bread and Christmas treats! The house smelt heavenly! Love preparing for Christmas! 

How was your weekend?


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  1. The second trimester is by far the best! I felt good from about 14 weeks till 30 weeks and now I'm back to being exhausted again!

    We had a good weekend celebrating Thanksgiving, getting a little Christmas shopping done, decorating the house and relaxing together. Sleeping in was also an added bonus :)