Friday, December 6, 2013

Year of Dates–November


Happy Friday everyone! I am so looking forward to this coming weekend as usual! And by the looks of the weather forecast, so is my husband. It will probably be the first time in 3 weeks that he won’t have to work on the weekend!

I ALMOST forgot about our November date we did last month. We did the date so early in the month that it kind of went to the back of my mind! We did our date so early in the month on a free Saturday because we knew the farther down we got into November, the busier it gets!

November was my date to plan! I hate the cold so I knew planning back last December that it would be an indoor date! ha ha!

nov date 4

It reads:

“November -

We’ll be heading east. But not too far and don’t be worried, you actually don’t have to pick up any garbage here! Just go and enjoy!

First lunch at…


Then off to visit this place….Canada Science and Tech. Museum

nov date 5

For years when Ryan and I were first dating, he took a second job in Ottawa on the weekends looking after important government grounds. One of these properties was the Science and Tech museum. When I would go to work with him we would talk about going back one day to tour the museum. Of course life got in the way and it never happened! So I thought it would make a perfect date!

We got to the museum fairly early before the crowd. We both had been to this museum before on school trips as kids but didn’t remember much! We had a blast going to all the displays to try out all the hands-on stuff!

nov date 6

One of the things we did remember was the massive trains that are located IN the museum! They are so neat to climb into and read about.

nov date 1

Again, we had so much fun running around like kids trying out the different displays. I don’t remember this museum being so hands on! The one draw back was that they were in the middle of some pretty big renovations and part of the museum is closed!

Ryan trying out an old fashioned bicycle!

nov date 2

A highlight for us both at the museum is the crazy kitchen! We both remember it from when we were kids and couldn’t wait to try it out as an adult! Basically it’s this crooked kitchen that looks normal but you loose your balance from the massive tilt.

We certainly worked up an appetite with all of our running around the museum that we grabbed a late lunch at Lonestar! It is one of Ryan’s favourite places to eat and a no-brainer when planning a date!

Unfortunately for me, when I planned this date last December I didn’t know I would be pregnant. Let alone that I would have so many food aversions! While I am glad Ryan really enjoyed his meal, there isn’t much at Lonestar the appeals to me right now! 

nov date 3

Ryan and I are pretty much overgrown children. We LOVE to have fun and not take life too seriously. Going to the museum (especially when it was quiet so we didn’t get funny looks) gave us the opportunity to be those kids! We got to run around and try all the displays, read a little bit about Canadian inventions but mostly have fun! In general going to a museum is pretty inexpensive and is a great way to pass a cold November day!

It’s hard to believe that we only have one more date left for the 2013 year!

Happy Friday!



  1. I love this idea so much! I need to talk to Big A and get him on board with stealing it. Do you think that you guys will do it again next year?

  2. We love to take Sancia there. I like all the museums.