Monday, February 17, 2014

A Weekend At The Movies…..Or Not!


Happy Monday friends! I hope everyone’s weekends crept by nice and slowly! I have to admit, mine didn’t! I thought that with Ryan being away for a boys sledding trip that my weekend would be filled with slow key plans. And it was, I just wasn’t in on a little surprise.

Friday night was very quiet. I settled in with some snack foods for supper (aka: bachelorette supper) and did a whole bunch of laundry while watching brainless television! It actually felt very good to have a quiet night at home. I was able to do 4 loads of laundry in the one night! I knew that I had plans on Saturday and I was glad to have that chore done!

Valentine Gerber’s from Ryan before he left!

vday weekend 3

It was early bed for this preggers (as usual) so I was up early to get ready for my trip to the city with Jilly. About a month ago we made plans for Valentines weekend to go to the city for a bite to eat and to see a movie! You see as I mentioned on Friday, Ryan is always away around Valentines so a girls day was perfect!

I slowly got ready on Saturday and lounged around. It was nice not having to rush or go anywhere all morning. I even took my weekly picture since I was in an outfit besides my work uniform. 32 weeks!

vday weekend 4

Jill arrived at my house and since we were going to a new(er) theatre I offered to drive. We were about 30 seconds down the road when Jill realized she forgot her wallet. Her house is only about 5 minutes away so I just turned in the opposite direction of the city so that she could grab it. Oddly enough, this wasn’t the first time someone had forgotten their wallet on me this week!

We were almost at her place when I saw all the cars, one being my sister-in-laws. I kind of went a little speechless and butterflies instantly came to my stomach. I didn’t know how to react but I instantly felt very nervous! ha ha!

When we got to the church basement I am sure I was either as red as a beet or as white as a ghost, but all the familiar girlfriends smiling back at me settled me down. It was such a surprise to see them all there and know that they had been all keeping this a secret from me! ha ha!

The afternoon FLEW by and I’ll share some more pictures in a future post! I had a great time visiting with everyone and snacking on the BEST food! The most shocking part was all the gifts! Baby W is already so spoiled and this Momma is feeling so much more prepared for its arrival! But again, more on that another time!

vday weekend

Stolen from friend/cousin Stacy’s Facebook! She made the delicious cake for the shower!

As you can imagine, the rest of my weekend was spent slowly going over all of the new items and setting it all up around the home! I am feeling so much more prepared now and the house is really starting to look like we are waiting on the arrival of a little one!

vday weekend 5

Not pictured with the rest of the gifts, our stroller and car seat!

I can’t thank everyone enough for the way my weekend turned out. I am so thankful for my girlfriends (and the family that was there too) and the time they took to organize the shower and then spend the Saturday morning/afternoon being there! It really meant a lot to me. You are a very sneaky bunch! Ha ha!



  1. Yaaaaaaaaay! I saw that on Facebook and was SO happy for you! SO glad that you had so much fun!

  2. Looked awesome! Every time I see a cake Stacy baked, it makes me smile. Didn't she say she was giving it up?

  3. Ah that's so awesome that your friends and family threw you a surprise shower! You and baby deserve it :)