Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Baby W–31 Weeks


*Each bumpdate is from the week before. I am currently 32 weeks and 5 days pregnant!*

31 weeks

31 weeks as of February 7, 2014

This Week:

9 weeks and counting! Wow! It’s hard to believe that it is the single digits. February is kind of flying by already and I want it to slow down just a wee bit so that I can accomplish more on my list!

Baby This Week:

Baby is the size of a pineapple this week! Excuse me, but does that seem REALLY big to anyone else? All 5 senses are in working order this week! Baby’s skin is also going from red to pink this week…much cuter!

Maternity Clothes:

OH yes! Pretty much 100% in maternity clothes for every day wear. I still find myself easily finding an outfit. Because in reality, I only wear a non-uniform outfit 1-2 times a week. Basically my outfits consist of jeans, maternity shirt and cardigan overtop (like the outfit above)! As usual for this time of year, I am looking forward to chucking out the socks and breaking out the flip flops! 

Stretch Marks/Weight:

Ok…I suck at weighing myself. Forgot to again this week. By the time I think of it the week is almost over!

Stretch marks have expanded. I am officially a part of the stretch mark club! The two small ones by my appendix scar have expanded into about 3 more squiggly lines! And I still have give-or-take 9 weeks to go so I know they are here to stay and will get worse! 


Baby is always on the move still. It definitely favours my right side still! The moves are very deliberate! The freakiest is when it feels like the baby is doing a flip flop from one side over.  

Food Cravings/Aversions:

Craving of the week was definitely the sweets! Valentine cookies and beavertail, yum! Had a BIG lunch/supper at a restaurant this week and regretted it afterwards! 5 hours later I was lying in bed trying to will the food to digest! It seriously felt like the food was just sitting in my throat not moving! Yuck!

Smoothies are one of my most favourite meals! It’s fresh and light!


I am still missing the second trimester but I keep reminding myself that it’s not for that much longer. You have to go through the tougher parts to get to the end. Actually in reality, I really shouldn’t complain TOO much. It seems that compared to some preggers, I have had a pretty smooth journey, even at this point! Besides feeling slow, sore and very large in the evenings, I feel good. I am able to still work through the day fairly easily. My skin is still great, I have no swelling and I just feel very normal. I have been very lucky. I have even been able to keep up with my exercise. Monday yoga (at home now), Thursdays Zumba and then walks in between! Hoping to make it to 36 weeks doing this because I do feel better after a little moving around...*life with a desk job* 

I did notice that this week I am beginning to have some trouble sleeping. It’s not so much insomnia, it’s just after laying on one side for a certain length of time that hip gets sore. Plus at this point it’s a production to turn over in bed and get settled again. 

What I Miss:

Feeling like I don’t look like Humpty Dumpy. Since I didn’t gain much weight anywhere else except my upper half, I feel as though my legs look like twigs (like in the picture above) compared to the rest of my body. Sometimes I wonder how my legs don’t give out!

Labour Signs:

No and I keep wondering when I will start feeling regular Braxton Hicks contractions. Went to the doctors this week for my 32 week appointment and he said baby is head down. 


According to an old wives tale, dangling a wedding ring on a string over a pregnant woman’s belly is another way to tell the gender of the unborn child. If it swings in a strong circular motion, then the baby is to be a girl. If it moves back and forth like a pendulum, then it is a boy. Ryan and I tried this out the other night and it read girl!

belly 2

Belly Button In or Out:

Still a little bit of an innie but not much!

Wedding Rings On or Off:

ON and counting down!

What I’m Looking Forward To This Week:

Doctor’s appointment…last monthly one! From here on out I will be going every 2 weeks!

Last tradeshow of the 2013-2014 season! No more having to stand on a concrete pad all day chatting with clients! My back is especially thankful!

Daddy This Week:

Daddy has been spending (and planning) a lot of time away from home. Mommy doesn’t mind as she keeps thinking he is just trying to squeeze in some last “alone” time before everything changes. Mommy just hopes that Daddy realizes soon how much life is about to change and settles down a little more around home. She is getting worried that reality hasn’t quite set in yet for Daddy. Don’t get me wrong little one, he is excited for you. But I think he just doesn’t realize what his life is going to look like after you arrive and it scares Mommy to think Daddy might go through some “life withdrawals”.


Eat lightly or die.

Best Moment Of The Week:

9 weeks (give-or-take) to go!

Had a really great doctors appointment this week! Last monthly one! Belly is measuring exactly where it is suppose to, blood pressure is good, no protein in urine, not even a little swelling and to hear a strong heart beat was the icing on the cake! After inspecting the belly and checking where the heart beat was, Doctor confirmed that baby seems to have settled into the head-down position in preparation for birth!  I follow a “Canadian Mommies-To-Be” group of Facebook and reading their stories of problems later in their pregnancies is worrisome. I kind of went into this appointment expecting something to be wrong but was VERY relieved to hear that everything is perfect.

New folder2

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  1. OMG... the hip pain is the WORST! That's what wakes me up most nights. And it is SO hard to flip over. Such a pain! You look fabulous darling, and don't you dare complain about your skinny legs!

  2. Its great that the baby is head down. For the twins, Cara was breech and Simon was transverse (sideways) and Olivia was also breech, so I had C sections. You look fabulous.