Friday, February 7, 2014

Year of Dates 2014–January


Happy Friday everyone! Hope your week went by super quickly. I feel as though the days are dragging on in true winter fashion. What is it about later in the winter that feels like time is crawling by? I guess it doesn’t help that the end of winter also means the arrival of Baby W.

Some of you might be shocked to see the title of this blog. Aren’t we having a baby in April? How are we going to have a year of dates this year when we are about to become parents for the first time? Some people *cough*mom*cough* didn’t think it would happen, or that it should happen.

The truth is, we REALLY enjoyed our time together last year. Too many times we would get caught up in doing “group” dates and not enough time just the two of us. Our dates last year allowed us to step away from a hectic life and focus on each other. Most of the time, they weren’t fancy dates but it was the fact that we were spending that time together. Some of our best conversations were in the car on a way to a date while holding hands. No radio, no phones and no interruptions.

Before we gifted each other a year of dates this Christmas, we sat down and discussed what our realities were for next year. It was decided that the months of January, February and March, we would go away from home to do something. Then in April, May, June and July we would come up with some creative “at home” dates. These dates would be simple but we had to make sure we would try to do them when the baby was sleeping. 1 hour date at home where nothing else gets done. Just spending that full time together. The months following July we would start to plan some simple away from home dates that were not long, 1-2 hours tops, as well as at home dates.

Basically, we are taking the dates for 2014 and using our imagination and being creative. We know that our lives are about to change in a big way. But we also know that we still want to remember that we were husband and wife before we became mom and dad. The theme for this year of dates is simplicity. Some of the dates may be very low key but we are going to continue to take that one time a month to focus on nothing else but our relationship.

So with that being said, I kicked off the 2014 year of dates with planning January!

photo 2

jan date 1

My date said: “Welcome to another year of dates! I know this year is going to be a lot harder as our family grows by one little Woermke! SmileI am excited that we are going to continue with our monthly dates! I look forward  to the time alone I get to spend with you every time! This year I know will be exceptionally hard but as long as we make the effort, that’s all that matters! 2014 will bring a whole new adventure for us as we become a Mommy and a Daddy! I am so excited for what life has in store for us!

There is only about 3 months left until Baby W makes its big debut! I figure we should try to get out when we can! I want to take you for your first taste of THE PRESCOTT! We can enjoy a delicious meal together but don’t eat TOO much so you can save room for popcorn because afterwards we are going to see…

Anchorman 2! Let’s laugh until we cry!”

The Prescott is a newly favourite restaurant of mine and I had been bragging to Ryan how much I thought he would enjoy it! I was right! On a cold January day we packed up and headed to the city. At our first stop we shared a Prescott square pizza but what I really go for is the…

jan date 2

Homemade garlic dressing! Yum! We were definitely keeping the vampires away that afternoon! 

jan date 3

Bad planning happened on my part because I assumed in December that Anchorman would be in theatres longer then it was. When I went to look up movie times the only time Anchorman was showing was 10 PM! So, we had to change the movie plans. Since I had planned this date for Ryan, I let him pick the movie. He is a pretty big Mark Wahlberg fan and so he decided on Lone Survivor.

I was a little hesitant that this combat movie would be a little too gory for my liking! But, it was his choice so I just went a long with it.

We settle into our seats with lots of time to spare…

jan date 4

And we even saved room for yummy movie theatre Popcorn (with ketchup and dill pickle flavour on it, of course!).

jan date 5

I have to admit, the movie was really good. This hormonal preggers even cried at the end! Ryan was pretty happy that his movie choice was one that we both liked!

With very full bellies we started the hour long drive home and talked about different parts of the movie the whole time! Sure sign of a good flick!

We were also pretty proud of accomplishing date 1 of 2014! It will probably be one of the easiest ones to do but it was still fun!

Here’s to 11 more dates this year!

Happy Friday!



  1. Aww, that's great that you guys are continuing the month of dates!! I read a blog this week, where the lady said: "don't forget before you were a mommy you were his, and before you were a daddy you were hers". I thought it was cute and good advice that every couple should remember. Here is the blog:

  2. I think it's awesome that you guys do date nights once a month and that you plan on keeping it up after baby comes :)

  3. That pizza looks amazing! And I'm dying to see that movie. I wish I had remembered to do the whole "year of dates" thing for Christmas, but we all know I have no brain. Maybe I could still pull something together for Valentine's Day... hmm....

  4. I think it's a neat Christmas idea!! And I think it's important to get out and have time together!! It's great that you are both committed to quality time together!!

  5. The pizza looked fantastic, and I love homemade garlic sauce. mmmmm