Friday, February 14, 2014

Why Ryan Is My Valentine!


Happy Friday and Happy Valentines day lovebirds! I have to be honest, Valentines has never been a huge deal in my life. Do I recognize it? Sure! But I don’t see the need to get showered with love mementos this one day of the year! Or am I going to spend gobs of money doing the same! I also avoid any restaurants on Valentines day as well!! Crowded restaurant with a fancy V-day menu? No Thanks!

But I do feel like am I am pretty lucky. I have someone special to call my Valentine. Are we usually together for the 14th? No. But sometime within the weeks time of Valentines day, we have a nice dinner together just the two of us in Ladysmith (we’re fancy like that!). It got me thinking while Ryan helped me put my coat on…there are a lot of reasons why I love him…But not all of them are that conventional.

Sure there are the typical reasons, he’s smart, funny, handsome and great personality. But, what about those other things that make him special? The things that set him apart from any other man, the things that make me feel so lucky to call him mine!

- Like I mentioned above, the whole reason for this post is because when we were at supper this week he helped me on with my coat. This is not something new! He is an old fashioned gentleman through and through. When we first started dating I was sure this chivalrous act would end when the “honeymoon” phase was over. But it hasn’t! He always helps me with my coat, opens doors (including car) for me, and makes sure I am on the opposite side of the sidewalk from traffic. Makes me smile and I hope that if we have a son one day that he will teach him to do this as well.

- Want to know one of the small reasons that made me fall in love with Ryan? He NEVER leaves the toilet seat up! EVER! Living in a house with a father and brother who ALWAYS left the seat up, my butt got wet from falling through in the middle of the night on more then one occasion! I thought it was just something women dealt with. My mother would always nag at them for leaving it up and never replenishing the toilet paper. Early on in my relationship with Ryan I noticed he never left it up and always replaced the empty toilet paper. Since we weren’t together long I just assumed he was being nice but through the years I can count on one hand how many times he has forgotten to put the seat down. A man who always puts the seat down AND never leaves me with toilet paper? Ya, I struck gold in the “lifemate lottery”!

- I am ashamed to admit it but I have never shovelled my own walkway since living in my current home. Ryan always makes sure that it’s taken care of. But there was a time when I was living in a rental home by myself for a while. Ryan and I were newly dating at the time. I wasn’t working that winter and for part of it, he was driving down to Ottawa everyday for his job. It was 2008, one of the heaviest snow years we had seen in a while and like a good tenant, I shovelled my walkway. On more then one morning I would haul my unemployed butt out of bed anytime after 9 AM (tough life) and notice it had snowed the night before. I’d start to get ready to go out and shovel when all the sudden I would notice it was already cleared. Ryan would leave for the hour long drive to work even earlier so that he could stop by my house and have my walkway shovelled for me before I woke up. When I would see that it was cleaned for me I would instantly squeal with excitement and surprise! It was those mornings that I knew he was a keeper! Forget flowers…that my friends is romance!

- Another moment that stands out in my mind is when a “yet to be wed” Ryan and I were at my parents house playing a card game. Conversation came to children and Ryan always said he only wanted 1 kid (mostly joking). Dad was shocked and said “What if your one and only child is a girl?” Without even hesitating Ryan replied with, “So what? My daughter can do anything any boy can do if she wants!” I was BEAMING after that and my heart felt like it was going to explode! The thought of not having a son to hunt, play sports and bond with didn’t even faze Ryan. He is confident that if he had a daughter, she could do and be anything that any boy could!

There are many, MANY more small things like the ones I mentioned above. But, maybe I’ll just leave them for future Valentine days! Valentines is typically a day full of romance and special treats but I get spoiled 365 days of the year. Do I get chocolate and flowers all the time? No, and I wouldn’t trade any of the above special things for a million bouquet of flowers!

Ryan, thank you for making sure that I feel loved and special every day of the year! I love you!  Red heart

Happy Valentines day everyone!


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  1. Ricky will never ever leave the toilet seat up either...or eat with his hat on - something his dad always taught him!!