Monday, February 10, 2014

A Weekend Full of My Newest Obsession!


Ok…that title is kind of a lie…it was actually a weekend full of my two newest obsessions. But one of those I am trying to break.

Obsession 1: 

On Thursday afternoon I went and grabbed groceries so that I wouldn’t have to do it on the weekend! I had big plans of doing absolutely nothing on Saturday and grabbing groceries would ruin it. While I was walking around the store I spotted some Valentine themed cookies in the bakery section….They were a very reasonable price so I grabbed them as a treat for Ryan on his lunch.

I got home and Ryan was already home from work so I showed him the sweet surprise I grabbed for him. After supper, he opened the cookie package to have one for dessert. I took a little nibble of his but they honestly looked too sweet for me. BIG MISTAKE! They were the softest, chewiest and most yummy cookies I have had in a long time!

Ryan left for a weekend of snowmobiling and by the time he got back…There were no cookies left. He sadly said, “I thought those were for my lunch this week”. And I replied with…”Hashtag, pregnantwifeproblems”!

Obsession 2:

My other obsession this weekend I would like to blame Netflix for. I had BIG plans to be productive this weekend and work on a couple sewing projects for the nursery. Netflix does this thing where it recommends something else to watch based on your previous views. One of those things that it recommended for me was Downton Abbey, a British T.V drama revolving around the lives of different class people in the early 1900’s.

I started my first episode on Friday night right before I had to head out to book club and I was already hooked! I couldn’t wait for the rest of the weekend to indulge in my new favourite show. The drama, the triangle love story and the occasional humour kept me hooked all weekend long! I’m already on Season 3!

So, as you can picture my weekend was full of cookie crumbs and watching British T.V drama….I hope you had a good and more productive weekend then me! Smile 



  1. Yup, I love Downton! I also recommend Call The Midwife--- But DON'T start it until AFTER you have the baby. Just trust me. Michelle xo

    1. OH Michelle...TOO LATE! I actually finished all the episodes on Netflix of Call The Midwife before I started this latest series! I was in tears after the first episode! ha ha!

    2. Great show though eh? You can catch the latest season online at project free tv if you just can't wait :) I love period shows and movies.

  2. That is too funny about the cookies!! I'm going to make some!! After I make some angel food cake of course!! This sweet tooth is bad!!

  3. Sometimes you need a weekend of relaxing and cookie eating!

  4. We are late to Downton Abbey but we are hooked too. So we highly approve of eating cookies through such a great show.

  5. Haha that's too funny about the cookies. I made some sugar cookies this weekend as my husband was begging for them. Lots of work, but they turned out well! We started watching Friday Night Lights thanks to Netflix and are obsessed!