Monday, February 3, 2014

Celebrations + Productivity = Great Weekend!


Happy Monday everyone! Our little Ottawa Valley area was dumped with snow on the weekend! I am sure there are still some people who are shovelling themselves out! This girl is sick of winter. Even my snow-loving husband said to me the other day that he is over it.

- Friday night we brought back an old family tradition…Movie Night in Beechgrove. As a kid, EVERY Friday night was designated as family night. We would rent a movie, get a treat and then settle in as a family to watch our movie! It was the best growing up and a tradition I hope to start with my own family one day. For Christmas we gifted my Dad, The Butler. All of our schedules matched up and Ryan and I settled in at my parents for the movie!

It was AMAZING! If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must!

- After a productive day at home catching up on house work, it was time to get ready for a wedding reception! For the reception, I made squares for the midnight lunch! I broke out this recipe which I haven’t made in a long time! It’s one of the easiest and yummiest square recipes that I’ve ever made!

- That night we braved the snow and headed to the reception of friends Lisa and Luc. It was nice to officially celebrate with friends the nuptials that they shared down in Jamaica this January!


- This very pregnant lady stayed out WAY past her bedtime! By the time we got home at 2 AM I was SPENT and suffered the rest of Sunday. A pregnant body is very good at telling you what you need and I needed sleep!

- After a wonderful church service on Sunday it was home to relax! When Ryan got home from hockey, he and Dad got to work on clearing our laneway of snow! Working in the snow business, the family lanes are usually the last to be done after a storm! Thank goodness for 4 wheel drive! But I felt like such a princess as they both worked away at clearing all the snow as I was inside toasty warm! The boys take great care of me!

- After a quick grocery trip, I stayed in Shawville to watch Ryan curl! They won their game and so far their team is in the running for first place!

How was your weekend?


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  1. I don't know what it was about church, but I had a lot of positive comments on it. I love the pictures of the guys clearing out your snow. Its a good things our kids came for supper, as they shoveled us out. Reg still can't shovel with his cracked ribs. Movie night sounds great. What a wonderful weekend you had :)