Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Baby W–30 Weeks


*Each bumpdate is from the week before. I am currently 31 weeks and 5 days pregnant!*

30 weeks 2

30 Weeks as of January 31, 2014

This Week:

30 weeks was another milestone I was waiting for. It’s the 10 week countdown! I feel as though the days are creeping by slowly right now. I am sure they will for the next 10 weeks as well. But, it’s 10 weeks (give or take) which seems SO soon!

Baby This Week:

Baby is the size of a cucumber meaning its length is about 15.2” to 16.7” and could weigh 3-3.8 pounds! Whoa baby! Baby should now be strong enough to grasp a finger and will just continue to get stronger till D-Day! As baby is getting bigger it will put increased pressure on my digestive system (Noooo…you don’t say?!).


Maternity Clothes:

With give-or-take 10 weeks lefts, I refuse to buy anything unless it is a necessity! I found one of my pre-pregnancy dresses that worked this weekend for a wedding reception which was a huge relief. I don’t wear a lot of dresses in the winter time so not to have to spend money on a new “one time use” one was great. The above outfit is my every day work outfit (alternating between green and black shirt). I am noticing that the shirts are certainly getting smaller but I am hoping they will do me for another 7 weeks (which is my last day of work!). After that, I’ll probably break out the muumuu!  

Stretch Marks/Weight:

Remembered to actually weight myself this week and I am up another 2 pounds so that’s +8 since the beginning of the pregnancy.

Had an interesting moment with my stretch marks this week. I had never noticed them before but this weekend the 2 on my stomach were aching and sore to the touch. I was sure that meant they were growing but so far they haven’t.


Oh yes! Baby is moving like crazy but I find that there are squirms and then pokes! Not much in between. It’s like the baby is deliberately sticking certain body parts out trying to stretch as much as possible. Baby moves the most around 7 PM every day. 

Food Cravings/Aversions:

Chocolate pudding craving was back this week! Yum! Also had a random craving for All-Dressed chips this week because I saw someone else eating some.

Tried to eat some spare ribs this week and my tummy did not like them AT all!


As I mentioned last week, honeymoon phase is over. Besides the bigger boobs and belly, heart burn has returned in full force! While I was easily able to make it go away in the second trimester, it likes to stick around more now. 

I have much more energy in the morning and move more freely. In the afternoons I feel slow, tired and big. Bed feels good at night time! 

What I Miss:

Not being so “noticeable” when I am out in public. People can’t help but stare at a big pregnant belly.  

Labour Signs:

No but we are practicing pain management techniques in preparation!


Not too sure! Mom brought some photo albums to the office this week and this is her pregnant with my brother. Everyone was trying to analyze if our bellies are similar. I can’t tell.

Mom with jared 1

mom with jared 2

Belly Button In or Out:

In and almost flat.

Wedding Rings On or Off:

On and hoping it stays that way! 10 weeks left! 

What I’m Looking Forward To This Week:

When I was about 20 weeks pregnant, I called our local CLSC to find out more information about their prenatal classes, as recommended by my doctor. They informed me that at that time there were not enough pregnant ladies to have the class.

I was super bummed out because I thought it would not only be good for me but I was hoping it would help Ryan as a first time daddy!

For my birthday this year, my brother and SIL gave me a gift card to a birthing coach they used for each of their kids. She is a certified Lamaze instructor and they said she helped them a lot to prepare for pain management during labour.

This week, Ryan and I had our first session with the birth coach and it was VERY helpful. While I had done a ton of research about the birth process (before and after) Ryan still didn’t have a lot of information. She went through so much information and Ryan was very good about taking it all in. I think he has a better idea about what to expect when D-Day comes and I have better trust in him being the person to help me during the labouring process.

Daddy This Week:

Daddy was so good this week at birthing class! He really took in all the information and was so supportive. I actually think he might have even found it kind of interesting! I thought some of the “gory” details might freak him out but he didn’t even flinch! I think it might have actually made him more excited about your debut! I think he is feeling confident in what he needs to do and Mommy is feeling better knowing that when she is in extreme pain, Daddy knows how to try to help her.  


Try to not to be without access to heartburn relief! It is needed to be on hand at all times now!

Don’t stay up till 2 AM, you’ll be sorry the next day!

Best Moment Of The Week:

Oh I feel like there was lots this week!

Wearing (and fitting into) a non-maternity winter dress to wear to a wedding reception and rocking heels all night too!

Getting some baby things purchased including the glider that will be shipped very soon! It’s the final piece of “furniture” for the nursery and I can start assembling the little details that will make the room complete!

First birthing class has put me at ease about the whole labour and delivery process! I was even able to ask the “stupid” questions. But those questions were on my mind and I am glad to have an answer. It’s so nice having it be a private class!

Oh and actually hitting 30 weeks! The 10 weeks countdown begins! It’s amazing to look back on this pregnancy journey so far and see how baby and I have grown!

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  1. Your belly is adorable! Glad to hear that the birthing class went well and was worth it

  2. ha so what I read, if you don't crave meat it's a girl. I can't wait to see what you have just to see if the wives tales are true :)

  3. You look great!! Glad things are going well!! 10 weeks will fly on by!!

  4. I think you are carrying higher than your Mom. We will all adore your baby, sex won't matter at all.