Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2014 Inductee’s Onto Lindsay And Ryan’s Christmas Tree!


Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope that your week has been flying by! We have a such of sick people laying low indoors so far! I’m very thankful that we got sick this week rather then for Christmas!

I wanted to share with you the special Christmas ornaments that have been added to our Christmas tree this year! Ryan and I love to collect ornaments that have special meaning to us so that every Christmas we can open our ornament box and reflect on the good times.

tree ornament 3

This years first ornament is a special wooden angel given to Sam (before we knew Sam was a he) by our minister! It is an ornament that she purchased from her trip to the Holy land and brought back for all the children. I thought it was so sweet that she let me choose an ornament as well even though Sam was still in my belly.

tree ornament 1

Samuel (41)

This ornament is from Sam's Nana. She purchases us a special ornament for our tree every year and I loved this fun nutcracker!

tree ornament 5

Samuel (172)

Our most important souvenir from any trip that we go on is a Christmas ornament! It floods back memories from the trip every year that we put it on the tree. Last winter we visited Jamaica to attend the wedding of friends! It was a gorgeous location and our last trip before we became parents!

tree ornament 2


This year, Sam got to put on his very first ornament! A little building block that we had made with his name, date of birth and other birth information! This will be his special ornament to put on the tree every year!

8 months (1)

8 months (2)

We received this ornament last Christmas from friends Josh and Amanda. I think it’s so fun to have an ornament that has the nickname that we used all along during the pregnancy! Amanda and Josh were actually Sam’s first visitors to the hospital!

8 months (3)


Lastly, an ornament that I made last year for Ryan. It has the sonogram picture of Sam on it and some information on the back.

8 months (4)


It has been a big year for some major life changes and some special ornaments to reflect that! Ryan and I sat back and talked about how our ornaments will soon be ones that Sam will make in school! It is going to be so fun to see the ornaments that are to come and tell Sam about all the adventures each of the present ornaments have. Each one tells a story.

tree 1

Our 2014 tree



  1. Love all of your ornaments! My husband and I have been trying to collect ornaments whenever we travel somewhere together...makes for fun memories!

  2. glad you liked your ornament from Bethlehem.