Monday, December 15, 2014

Busiest Weekend, EVER!


Happy Monday! Wow…what a weekend! It was SO jammed back with stuff that last night all three of us were exhausted! Sam was down to bed by 6 and Ryan and I followed at 6:30! The good news is that all of the stuff was lots of fun! It’s just too bad it all landed on the same weekend!

The weekend started out with a night out for me!! I can’t remember the last time I had been out of the house alone! Ryan finally had a night off and stayed home with Sam. I headed to the last book club meeting of 2014! We were having our annual potluck supper before beginning the discussion of our latest read, The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. The book discussions must have been really good because I started to lose my voice!

On Saturday morning we were up and getting ready for another busy day ahead! I had a political meeting in the morning and then Ryan had plans after I got home! It was cute when I realized Sam and I were both in plaid and decided it was picture worthy!

dec 15 2

Sam went down for an afternoon nap and I got to work on finished some food for our annual girls Christmas potluck. It’s always great to see these girls and this year there are 3 extra little people! Sam, Hayden and Hannah! It’s amazing to think of how much the group has changed and all the special little people that I have the honor of getting to watch grow up.

Hamilton Christmas and potluck (44)

After potluck I had to drop off Ryan to his truck because he was going to be driving it in the Quyon Christmas parade! Sam and I found a place to park so that we could watch it all! I was worried that the loud sounds and bright lights might scare my boy, who was up WAY past his bedtime! But he was a champ! Unfortunately, we didn’t go sit on Santa’s knee because by that point it was even more past his bedtime and we were both exhausted from our busy day! 

dec 15 3

Sunday morning Sam and I skipped out on church because I had no voice! It was best to rest as that afternoon was our Christmas lunch and celebration with my side of the family! I finished getting more food ready and then headed over for around lunch time! As usual, Santa Sam drove…

dec 15 4

We had a delicious turkey lunch! And it was only so long before we could keep these crazy two away from the presents…Ha ha!

Hamilton Christmas and potluck (49)

We spent some time exchanging gifts with my brothers family! His older two are at the PERFECT age for the magic of Christmas! It was hilarious to watch their excitement over the presents!

Hamilton Christmas and potluck (3)

Future friends and trouble makers!

Hamilton Christmas and potluck (20)

Hamilton Christmas and potluck (40)

Sam didn’t have much of an afternoon nap so it was early bed for him! It was hard to keep him up till 6 because he was so tired! Thankfully, he was in good spirits! Once Sam was settled into bed, Ryan and I watched The Great Gatsby. It was a nice way to finish off a busy weekend!

How was your weekend?



  1. I don't know about you, but I am ready for Christmas to be here. I mean... I'm not all... but everything is SO busy. Sounds like you guys are too! I LOVE the pic of Sam looking up at you. He obviously loves his Momma!

  2. Funny that K mentioned it, because I love that pic of Sam gazing up at you - I've noticed him doing that a lot and it's so cute to see how much he ADORES his momma! It was such a busy weekend, but I had a great time seeing everyone and visiting. I'm almost a little sad that there's nothing to do next weekend! haha! The good news is I have about 8 million Christmas shows & movies still to watch, so I guess I'll have plenty of time to do that - and wrap presents too!

  3. I LOVE the picture of Everett and Sam - they're sooooo cute!!