Friday, December 12, 2014

5 On Friday


Happy Friday everyone! This week has gone by in a blink! It was one of those weeks where I made a list of things to accomplish, just to make sure I didn’t forget anything! I don’t say this very often but at the beginning of the week I was wishing the weekend away. It was overwhelming how much is going on this weekend! It was more like chaos instead of Christmas cheer! Thankfully, my attitude has changed after getting most of the items on my check list crossed off!

1. One of the things that I accomplished this week was finishing my Christmas baking! I made all of our favourites and some extras for the church! This year they are having a great fundraiser, selling baskets of homemade sweets! I was asked to supply 5 dozen cookies. Easy….or so I thought! You see I always make my sugar cookies with royal icing but usually I just slap on the icing! Knowing that other people will be eating and judging my sweets, made me extra careful to make sure they were perfect! Thankfully, I am THRILLED with how they turned out!

12 3

2. The other part of my busy week included wrapping! This is actually one of my favourite Christmas jobs! But having to do the wrapping without my normal Christmas movie background made me mad. Yes, I am actually mad while wrapping these presents out of my typical routine! The only thing that made it better was this cheerful Christmas paper that I bought last January at 75% off!

12 1

3. It is an adventure now feeding Sam! You never know what the little wiggle worm is going to be up to! The days of peaceful nursing sessions in front of the TV are LONG gone!

12 5

12 2

4. Last week I was sitting at the pharmacy waiting on Sam’s prescription when display of lipstick caught my attention! Usually I am a lip balm kind of girl but decided to grab some for a little change! I picked out a BRIGHT red color and has only worn it twice but I love it! I’m still a little shy wearing it but I think I’ll get use to it!

12 6

5. Well, I think my dream of a green Christmas gone! We got a big dumping of snow Wednesday night and I don’t see it going anywhere within the next 2 weeks. When I woke up this morning Ryan still hadn’t arrived home from his night shift. I decided, since Sam was still sleeping, that I’d do him a favour and do the snow shovelling! It was a mess! The snow was heavy and I am SO uncoordinated with a shovel! This was basically me….

12 4

Nothing says Happy Thursday like a face full of snow at 5 Am…ugh! Ha ha!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



  1. i can barely move today because i decided to shovel my driveway yesterday morning haha!

  2. Love that lipstick on you! And your cookies turned out so well. You can always send some my way ;) Have a great weekend!

  3. That was a very deceiving snow - I thought it looked light & fluffy. WRONG! I'm rather uncoordinated with the shovel as well. I remember once years ago going out to shovel with Luke at Mom & Dad's. It was really windy, and my shovel kept getting caught by the wind, so I ended up just spinning around in circles with my shovel until Luke finally told me I was useless and to go back inside. lol!