Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Year of Dates 2014- November


Happy Wednesday everyone! This cold snap has got me bundled up inside and not wanting to get out! I was saying to Ryan last night that I think my wish may come true, a green Christmas! There is nothing I hope for more then for there to be no snow on Christmas. I have memories of not being able to dive into Santa’s presents on Christmas morning because Dad was out clearing snow. The same would happen for Ryan. He would have to work if it snowed. So my theory is: no snow, even better!

It’s been increasingly hard to spend some one-on-one time with Ryan. Even though there is no snow, he is still working night shifts. When I am awake, he is sleeping and vice versa. Any time that we are awake at the same time, is hopefully spent with Sam. So our November date was REALLY important. We both seemed disconnected from each other from lack of time spent together.

It was my month to plan the date and I could not remember what I had planned a year ago but once I saw the picture I smiled and was excited. I knew Ryan would like it.



“The last 2014 date that I get to plan! Crazy! I am so glad that we still made an effort to make our relationship as husband and wife important (even as we are now parents).

I love you with all my heart and I am so lucky to have you to go through all of life’s adventures with.

This month I want to focus on us and no other distractions! That means a few hours of no electronics! No TV, computers, no phones and no lights even! Let’s order supper in (since we’ll have no power to cook, ha ha!) and enjoy supper in while we play some board games, read and then head to bed to give each other massages by candle light! A nice cuddly night in as the weather gets colder!”

Ryan was extra excited about this date and declared that the day of the date should be zero electronics (besides my big camera for photo evidence). We both agreed that sometimes we get so distracted by our phones that we miss out of some of life!

Our date had to turn into a day date because of Ryan’s night shift but we still looked forward to that time together! Our date was on a Sunday so in the morning we stowed away all the electronics! We headed to church together, picked up lunch and then headed back home to put Sam down for his long afternoon nap.


We ate and then set up our first game! I had bought monopoly for Ryan at Christmas last year and we hadn’t even taken it out of the box yet! We read the instructions and I proceeded to kick Ry’s butt! It was so much fun and the game lasted so long!


We talked a lot that day (from necessity from no distractions) and I realized that I miss Ryan a lot when he goes to work. Sam will be in bed and I’ll have a few hours before it’s time for me to turn in. We use to play a game of cards when Sam would go to sleep but now I’m by myself.

We also realized how much we depend on our phones and how quiet the house is without the background noise of the TV being left on. We decided that every Sunday that we are together, we should do the no electronics part of the date. We want to work on being unplugged from our devices and living in the “now”.

Looking forward to the last date of 2014!! And I have already started planning for the dates I need to plan next year! What would be some dates that you would do?

Happy Wednesday!



  1. What a great idea you and Ryan have. I like the idea of a picnic and a swim at Norway Bay next summer. Unplugging is a great idea. What has been your favourite date this year?

  2. I seriously love that you guys did this. Such great memories!