Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Samuel–8 Months


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I don’t really have any official numbers but Sam is getting tall! We went to the children’s hospital this month for a follow up. The nurse weighed you there and it said you were 16.8 pounds, 2 whole pounds less then last month? I was VERY confused so we came home to use the scale and back up to 18 lbs. It got me really worried that my breastmilk was gone and he was starving! I began operation, “fatten up Sammy” and you still eat the same amount of time. I’m thinking he is just going to always be a long and lean little dude (big feet as well!)


We said farewell to 6 month clothing this month! I was still able to squeeze you into some onsies with an extender but not anymore! You re at the tail end of your 9 month clothes as well! Mostly into 12 month stuff but it is a little big on you. As usual, your 9 month PJS are too tight on your long legs so you are wearing 12 month jammies! You are pretty much out of size 3 shoes and starting to wear size 4! We ran out of size 3 diapers and so instead of buying more we just switched you to size 4’s!

Getting dressed in the winter= pain in the butt! The wardrobe part is super cute but then we have to cover it all up with snowsuits and coats! It’s not fun!



No tough love this month because I wanted Sam to eat as much as he could to try and gain some weight. He is very consistent with his times. Bed at 6:30, up at 11 to eat, again at 1-3 and up for the day around 6:00! It’s a lot but those night feeds are all of about 10 minutes total! I can do it with my eyes closed now! Thankfully,  Sam is an AMAZING napper! 9 AM nap for about 1 hour and then a 2 hour nap at 1 (usually).


If there is any month that I almost threw in the towel with breastfeeding, it was this month! Actually, I was going to do it mostly out of guilt thinking that Sam was starving because I had so little milk supply left. I actually took a night off and let Ryan give him some pumped milk to see how much I could pump. I was able that night to get a full bottle and then became even more confused! So I’ve increased his feedings during the day in hopes to get him to fatten up! We’ll see this coming month at a nurse appointment! The last couple of weeks I have began to come to terms that if he hasn’t gained weight, then I am going to switch to formula.

Sam is still an amazing eater of solids! He gobbles up his purees three times a day and after each meal, I throw some real food on his tray and he attempts to eat it! Usually he just ends up sucking on this food but it’s good practice!



Oh my little man! That is exactly what you are! All boy and very little baby appearance to you anymore! It is even more so with you fancy “big boy” hair!

I think you know you are a little charmer and that you can get your way easily with this big brown eyes! For the most part, we only see you smile!


There is SO much that you like now it’s hard to keep track of it all!

I think bath time would be number one! You get SO excited everytime we are even near a bathtub now!

You love to roll around on the floor and get into mischief by getting under the furniture!


You are all boy and it is clear by the toys that you like the most! Anything with wheels or anything in the shape of a ball (that you proceed to throw).


This is pretty embarrassing but you have found your “third leg” and your hand instantly tries to find it when your diaper comes off! Ugh…#boyproblems


You are so not a big fan of getting in and out of your car seat! Not to mention getting into and out of your snowsuits! I guess you hate being tied down!

You get SO mad when you try to crawl or go somewhere but you can’t. We won’t be able to stop you once you do figure it out!



First snow fall on November 7 plus your first road trip (of long distance) to visit family in North Bay!

nov 9 5

Not so fun milestone, but on November 11 you got your first flu! It was a miserable day and I would have done ANYTHING to be sick for you!


Your first time back at the camp with the boys was on November 15!

nov 16 5

We bundled up for our first walk with the sleigh on November 17!

nov 18

You learnt how to wave (or so we think) on November 18!


We started decking the halls and helped us decorate  your first Christmas tree on November 30!


Geez it was a tough month because on December 2, a day before you turned 8 months old, you developed Thrush!




This month had it’s challenges in the world of Mommyland! Between illness’ and Sam being very clingy, there were times where I grew patience as a Mom. The thing that was the biggest test was depending on my gut again as to what to do in tough circumstances! Don’t worry, there were still there times that I called on my mother for a second opinion! ha ha!

The other big change this month is dealing with Sam for 100% of the day and night by myself. Ryan just wasn’t available because of his schedule switching to nights. There are many days where there is no break. I grew a huge appreciated for single parents! I really don’t understand how they do it!

The holiday season is just around the corner and even though it is so busy, I am trying to make everything extra special! It’s our first Christmas with a little one and I am so excited to participate in all the traditions in the years to come!



It’s been easy this month to appreciate Ryan for all that he does do. It’s clear that Ryan and I are very different in parenting and housekeeping styles but he does wonderful. Sam literally lights up and starts giggling the instant that he sees Ryan! He knows with Daddy around, there is about to be some serious play time and fun happening!

Ryan was wearing himself out by getting less sleep so that he could see more of us. Thankfully, we have worked out a great schedule!

Ryan’s main jobs with Sam are bath and feeding solids! He loves to get in there and help with whatever he can.


This month there was a lot of major growth in your motor skills. You can sometimes stand up by yourself, roll to whatever you want and crawl backwards!


My goodness you love music! You are admire all music and like to try to create your own!



My Dearest Sam,

Happy December! It’s going to be a very exciting month! You don’t know it yet, but there are so many fun years ahead as we celebrate Christmas as a family! Mom and Dad have a couple wishes for you and Christmas. One, we hope that we are able to teach you the true meaning of Christmas and two, that we make some wonderful memories for you.

You have no idea how much you bring to our lives. Your silly smile can brighten the most rotten days! Some of the best days are the simple ones. The nights on the floor in the livingroom watching you explore, splashing in the bath and last snuggles before bed.

You see, Dad and I always knew that we wanted to have a family one day. What we didn’t realize was the amazing impact it would have on our lives.

I love you!

Love, Mommy


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  1. I have that purple stuff for Thrush and I also have a medication from the doctor, i believe its something that they are suppose to swish around their mouth but i just dabbed it on with a may be expired but would work the same haha!

  2. Awww tough month for Sam! Hope he's feeling better!

  3. Poor Sammy, that pic of you & him on the day he had the flu just makes me go "awwww!" He's such a cute little man, his smiles and snuggles brighten my dad! Can't wait to celebrate his first Christmas!!!

  4. Thrush is no fun! as long as you remember to treat yourself as well as Sam, you'll be in the clear.

  5. He just keeps getting cuter and cuter! Only because I have no idea- what is thrush?

  6. What a beautiful keep sake your blog will be for Sam.