Friday, December 19, 2014

Tools To Handle Baby’s First Sickness


Happy Friday everyone! Wow, am I ever glad to see this day come. Not going to lie, been a rough week. My poor boy has been teething, has thrush, got his immunization shots, and got sick. His sickness developed from a fever to a full blown cold. The cold went to his eyes and yesterday the mucous was oozing out his eyes so badly that they were practically closed. It’s been tough. Not going to sugar coat it. When you plan for a baby, you register for all this fun, cute and fancy things. Play pen, bibs, bottles and etc. What you don’t think about is real life and with it the sickness that comes. It’s not easy when your little one is under the weather, but here are the things that helped us cope a little.

1. Children’s Morton, Tylenol or Advil. Take your pick! Just have some on hand. Always have a spare unopened bottle somewhere too. You never know the time of night your baby is going to wake up with a fever of 103. Oh, and if your child is like me, get the dye free kind. The ones with dye make me WIDE awake!

2. Humidifier. This is something that I didn’t put on my baby registry because I thought I wouldn’t need one. HA! You will do anything to make your little one sleep better when they are sick and this little machine works wonders! Basically, it moistens the dry air and will therefore prevent baby sniffles from getting crusty and hard. Better breathing equals better sleep! This is the one that we have.

3. While you are getting your humidifier, look around. If you spot Vicks Vapo Steam Liquid Medication, grab it! A bottle lasts a while because you only use 1 tablespoon at a time. It will work with any humidifier! You place 1 tablespoon of the Vicks directly into the humidifier water before you turn it on. It gives the air a light Vicks smell that really helps suppress a cough and clear the sinuses. Life saver for a little one who is too small to take anything to help a cough!

4. I bought some cloth diaper wipes as a fluke. It came with my bundle of diapers and I thought they would just collect dust! I was SO wrong. They have been so handy! I started using them around the time that Sam was 3-4 months old as mini spit up rags and now I use them instead of Kleenex. They are soft, small, absorbent and very washable! I wet one with hot water to use on Sam’s nose and now a clean one every time I need to wash the junk from his eyes. The soft material has prevented any redness under his nose.


5. Snot sucker of some sort! The Freda is our favourite! Honestly, it’s disgusting but you will do anything to give your little one some relief.

6. Lastly, you need a good TV and a comfy place to sit. Be prepared (something I’m not good at) to let things fall to way side because your sick little person probably just wants to cuddle with you and relax. They won’t want to be out of your arms because no gadget in the world can replace the comfort of their Mommy. Order supper in, forget the laundry and just sit back with your baby.


Happy Friday!



  1. Aww poor Sam - hope hes feeling a wee bit better...its always hard to see kids sick!

  2. Aww poor baby boy! We've had the humidifier in Rylie's room since she was born because that's one thing I was scared of: blocked/clogged nose! I hated the thought of her not being able to breathe well. I'll look for that Vicks stuff though - her humidifier is a Vicks one so it shouldn't be hard to find. I am definitely not looking forward to when she's sick for the first time...

  3. There is NOTHING worse than a sick baby. The week Baby J had croup was exhausting for everyone! Poor Sammy! Hope he feels better soon! Also, you should probably add wine to the list. There's a lot of drinking when no one is sleeping! Haha

  4. Not gonna lie, I"m dreading the first sickness! Mark has the flu and so now Addison is with my parents and we're both on preventative medicine hoping we don't catch it from him. I'm soooooo scared!