Monday, December 8, 2014

I Think Every Sunday Should Be Spent In PJ’s


Happy Monday everyone! Such a wonderful weekend! As you know, Ryan has been working night shift. I’ve come to terms that during the week, we just aren’t going to see him. What was getting difficult is that for 3 weekends straight, he also had weekend commitments which took him away from us as well. It was getting tiresome and sadly, Sam and I were getting into our own grove of life without Daddy around. Thankfully, that came to an end this weekend!

I love Fridays! Fridays still feel so wonderful even while I am on mat. leave! This Friday we were able to have supper and a nice visit with friends! We wait until Sam is asleep (around 6:30) and than the night is free to hang out and have a leisurely supper!

Saturday morning we weren’t sure what we were going to do. The original plan of meeting my parents and niece in the city was down the drain, Ryan’s plan to finish a small snowmobiling project was cancelled and we were just laying around. Finally, we decided that we were going to still go to the city and see if we could finish our Christmas shopping!

This was no easy task. All the big things had been purchased. But with our first family Christmas dinner planned for next weekend, I was getting a little panicked that everything wouldn’t be ready! I was feeling the pressure. Ryan had promised me a day to shop solo but we realized that isn’t going to happen with his night shift schedule. And I couldn’t run in and out of a million places easily with Sam.

So, we were determined to get this done! We left right at Sam’s morning nap and on the drive down Sam slept making him super happy for the shopping trip! Well that and Ryan enjoyed showing him all the fancy toys! Ha ha!

dec 7 3

I am VERY happy to say that we are DONE all the shopping for Christmas! It is a huge relief for me! Now I get to sit back and enjoy the rest of the holiday season! To celebrate, we headed to Montana’s for lunch!

dec 7 4

Again, it was Sam’s naptime on the drive back home so we took our time! When we got home, we had a small tasks to do at the our Church so we loaded up Ryan’s truck and Sam drove us down…

dec 7 5

Ha ha! Just kidding! But our boy does love to get his hand’s on a steering wheel when he can!

We settled in with some leftovers for supper and then Sam went to bed. While Sam slept Ryan and I decorated our memory Christmas tree! I was excited to put on our new Christmas ornaments this year! But, more on that during another post. One thing I can mention is that we have a new Christmas tree decorating tradition. Most know that we listen to Wayne Rodstad’s, Christmas In The Valley, every year while decorating the tree! We also now have the tradition that when we are decorating our tree, this is our treat!

dec 7 6

Sunday morning we woke up early (as usual) and began to start our day! It was an exciting morning ahead! Christmas pageant at church with a potluck afterwards! Ryan actually had hockey scheduled for yesterday morning but opted to skip it because he wanted to come and watch the Christmas pageant! We had 16 kids yesterday who participated in some way! It’s amazing to have such a big group of little ones! It makes the church feel so alive with kids!

dec 7 1

The pageant was successful and it was down to the church basement for some yummy lunch! I always know that I am in for a treat because our church is full of amazing cooks!

The best part of the pageant? The “costume” that all the kids wore was Pj’s! So while Ryan slept before his next shift, Sam and I hung out in comfy PJ’s for the rest of the day! Perfect way to spent a Sunday!

dec 7 2

How as your weekend?



  1. Sounds like a great weekend! He's so cute in the picture of him "driving" the truck :)

  2. Thanks for your rocking chair and area rug for the pageant, Lindsay. I vote for leaving them there, and I can just preach from the rocking chair. That's totally my style. I am kind of missing Sam's mowhawk hair. :(