Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 Year of Dates–January


Happy Wednesday everyone! For some reason, I had thought that I had shared our most recent date. Looking back it feels like we did our first date for 2015 months ago! We decided to open and do our date in Nova Scotia while Ryan was off during our stay at the cottage.

Through packing the date card and unpacking it, some how it got lost in the travel and I was unable to take a picture! Basically, it was a date to a Stars and Strollers movie for the 3 of us. I wanted Ryan to experience this great movie service. We agreed that once Sam hits 1 year, we will do a couple of dates without Sam and have someone watch him. So for now, our boy was included.

It was FREEZING on the day that we decided to go see our movie and we were glad to be inside the warm theatre for the day! We got there a little early because on the date card I had mentioned that we were going to play some arcade games as well!

jan date 1

jan date 2

We always have SO much fun playing some arcade games because we are very competitive. Ryan even beat the high score of the basketball game while we were playing! Sam was loving all the lights and sounds inside the arcade!

jan date 3

jan date 4

We grabbed some popcorn and found our theatre. The thing about Stars and Strollers is that you only get a choice of 2 movies. One was a children’s movie and the other was The Theory of Everything. Easy choice.

Ryan was amazed at the stuff they set up for the event. Change table (diapers and wipes included), microwave, bottle warmer and even a couple of excersaucers. The lights are only dimmed and the sound is way down! Sam was just about too old to go to a Stars and Strollers event because he is getting a shorter attention span and wants to play! Thankfully with Ryan there we were easily able to pass him back and forth to keep him entertained. The last 30 minutes of the movie Sam fell asleep on Ryan’s shoulder.

We had a great first date for 2015! I am really glad that we decided to do our dates again this year. I am really excited to do a few without Sam this year and even more excited that we don’t have any repeat dates!



  1. That sounds like an awesome family date, I wish there was a movie theater here in Ohio that did something similar!

  2. Sounds like a very lovely date.