Friday, February 20, 2015

5 Things About Current Life


Happy Friday everyone! I’m feeling a little sluggish today but SO looking forward to the weekend! For some reason, everyday this week I am getting up before my alarm! There’s something about this even earlier wake up call that starts the day off wrong!

We are 24 days away from when Sam starts daycare and if you know me, you know that I am already trying to get into routine in order to make life a little easier. Here’s some of the things that have been happening!

1.  When I first had Sam, I slept when he slept. When he woke up in the morning, I woke up. When I was getting up every 1.5 hours to feed him, it had to happen this way. Once I started getting more sleep, I would purposely try to get up an hour before Sam did so that I could get ready for my day, including enjoying my cup of coffee. Now, I continue to do that. I love having some “me” time before the day starts. The time has gotten earlier and earlier so that when I start back to work, it isn’t a huge adjustment to wake up. What helps the early mornings? An awesome coffee mug! I love my new one from FraggleCreations.

feb 20 1

2. I’m loving my new Mommy haircut! It’s been on the shorter side for a while and I do find it easier to manage. The only problem? Sometimes I hate doing it! I’ve now “trained” my hair to go three days without washing it! Day 1, fresh out of the shower from shampoo and blown dry. Day 2, bath or quick rinse to clean my body but hair is still pretty much styled from the day before. Day 3, another quick rinse in the shower where I run the water through my hair and do the motion of “washing” it but without any product. After my hair is dry on day three, I’ll run the straight iron through it make it curly. Surprisingly, this takes half the time of blow drying! So if you see me with curling hair (and its not a special occasion) you can guarantee that I am rocking three day dirty hair!

feb 20 3

3. Sam is officially a full night sleeper. He has gone about a month sleeping fully through the night and it is glorious. We have been having some trouble with my poor boys wardrobe. He has these long legs that makes all his pants look like a flood is coming. He has this tiny waist so all the pants are huge around the waist. He has tiny shoulders and big pot belly that makes shirts look large up top yet make his belly stick out. It is getting harder and harder to find clothes to fit him perfectly. I guess if he is going to be as tall as his Daddy, its a problem we better get use to.

feb 20 2

4. We have been blessed with some amazing clothes from friend and cousin Stacy! I’ve also picked up a big bag of used clothes for 20$ that was posted on a local used Facebook group. I went through all these clothes to take inventory going into the spring/summer season. Yes, it’s February but our busiest time for work will be right when Sam is starting daycare full time. I figured before I have time for nothing anymore, I’ll get as organized as possible. After taking inventory, I realized there were some things that were missing from his wardrobe, mostly shorts. Within a week of taking inventory, Old Navy sent me an email informing me that they were having a 50% off all their kids stuff! Jack pot! I scored 20 pieces for a fraction of the price! Yesterday, it came in the mail and I had lots of fun going through it.

feb 20 5

5. As of this week, Sam is off of purees! I am happily putting away my blending and he is eating what we are. It was my goal to have him eating solely regular food before he started daycare because I didn’t want to have to make and pack all of his food. I had started strictly following our meal plan again and preparing food the day before. I am also starting to make a little more to accommodate our growing boy! He is still loving food at the moment and eats SO much! I bought some little plates for Sam at Walmart (1$ each!) that have been great for him and me. I like that I can organize his food and actually see what he is eating (and how much). It is awesome having him eat what we do now!

feb 20 4

What is going on with you this Friday?

Happy weekend!



  1. I have some jammies for him from Sophie - she just found them when she gave me more clothes and was like do you know anyone that would wear these and I said, yep - Sam! They are size 2

  2. I noticed how pretty your hair looked, at Pancake Supper. That's a great plate, I should get one for Quentin.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Glad you love the cup!!! We are having the same problem with clothes, these boys need to stop growing so fast!!!