Monday, February 23, 2015

Ok Snow, That’s Enough


Happy Monday everyone! I am feeling a little “cabin fevered” after this weekend full of snow! The “small” amount they were talking about for Saturday, turned into about 6 inches of white stuff! Changing plans for both Ryan and I!

The weekend started out on Friday with our company’s annual sledding trip! I didn’t participate this year but I heard they had LOTS of fun!

feb 23 6

Ryan participated in the sledding trip and got home after Sam’s supper time. He then had to shower and head out to a wake. While he was out, Sam and I snuggled and enjoyed quiet time before it was time for bed. Being that it was movie night, we watched a few minutes of Cars. I am LOVING that he likes to hold my hand now!

feb 23 3

It has been a LONG time since Ryan and I have ordered a pizza in and not made our own. But by the time he got home, it was almost 8. I guess because we don’t get it often but the pizza tasted SO good! We also settled in for an movie! We watched Sex Tape with Cameron Diaz.

Saturday morning we were woken up by Sam at his usual time. Don’t you wish baby’s knew what weekends were? ha ha! But I nursed him in bed and we all stayed put and watched some TV for a bit. I still think back to when I was pregnant and imagining bringing my baby into bed with us on early mornings for some snuggles. Now the time is here and it’s SO wonderful!

feb 23 4

Eventually we did crawl out of bed for some breakfast! An omelette request via my husband had me whipping up some eggs! This is Ryan’s 4 egg omelette with cheese and ham! I SO wish I could eat what he can! ha ha! 

feb 23 5

Being that it had already started snowing, Ryan went ahead out to snow plough a few laneways around home before he headed to a funeral and then to bed for work. While Sam napped, I conquered a task that I have to admit, doesn’t get done very often…deep cleaning the fridge and freezer! If there’s a spill or mess I will not hesitate to clean it up. But the kind of clean where you take everything out and wipe/wash everything inside? Rarely happens. But a job I was glad to have done!

feb 23 7

That afternoon I did my make up and hair, made supper and then Jilly came over because she had agreed to watch Sam while Ryan and I went to a wedding reception. Except those plans went array. It was still snowing hard and Ryan had to go to work. But, I figured I could drive there myself. I have done that drive a million times. Half way there, I turned around. I am usually a very confident driver but have become WAY more cautious since having Sam. I am hoping the beautiful bride (Hi Andrea!) and her groom had a wonderful time celebration the start of their married life together! 

Sunday morning Ryan got home from work and I got myself and Sam ready for church. My parents stopped in before hand for a quick coffee. When Sam woke up from his nap my mom was walking around with him in the kitchen and we couldn’t believe the look of him! He looked HUGE in her arms. Now, my mom is a petit lady but where did this enormous baby come from? Ha ha!

feb 23 2

Sunday afternoon Ryan slept and I lounged around and got things ready for the week ahead. Since we have started back into our meal plan, Sundays are always about a “nicer” and harder to make meal. I set the table, pour a glass of wine and we all enjoy the nice meal together. It’s nice to have that time together on a Sunday without the thoughts of rushing off anywhere.

feb 23 1

I guess it was a great weekend despite all the snow but this girl is ready for Spring. I hate winter to begin with but having Ryan working nights is getting old. I am looking forward to getting into a more normal schedule.

How was your weekend?



  1. We had a decent snow here in central Ohio on Saturday. I was supposed to go to a play date but had to cancel because the roads were awful! Sunday we spent an hour at Babies R Us picking out a new stroller and car seat, what fun! I don't think this snow is going to melt anytime soon as it's supposed to be super cold here all week....I'm ready for spring!

  2. Sam does look soo big in that pic! How big is he now?
    Ugh I hear ya on the snow! Soo over it! 1 more week till vacay!! Haha. Good work on the fridge cleaning!
    I didn't love the movie Sex Tape! We watched Annie this weekend it was alright!

  3. Little boy has gotten so big! I am sooo over the snow, too. Bring on the sunshine, please!