Friday, February 6, 2015

Samuel–10 Months



Stats: No new official measurements.

Wearing: Holy growth spurt! I feel like my little dude was hardly in some of his 12 month clothes and now he is out of them! He is now in 12-18 month clothes and 18 month PJS! He is still in size 4 shoes and size 4 diapers.

10 mos 14

Sleep: For the most part, our boy now sleeps through the night! There have been a few rough nights because of teeth popping through. Otherwise, he is now a great sleeper! 1 hour nap around 9 am. 2 hour nap around 1 PM and then bed by 6:30-7 PM until 6:30-7 AM!

10 mos 2

Eating: Everything! Ha ha!

I am still nursing Sam and have yet to give him any other milk source. I am pumping a lot in between feedings to stock up my freezer for when Sam starts daycare. He is still nursing about 4 times a day. It is still amazing to me the amount of  free time now compared to when he was small and had to feed him every 2 hours!

Sam still gets a solid three meals a day. Puree’s first and then food on his tray. He is able to pick up the food on his tray better so at the end of this month we cut out his lunch purees. Within the next couple of months I’d like to completely cut out purees. Sam is still a little picky about his food. He loves meat and veggies and is not too fond of fruit. He loves pasta and cheese but if something is cold, he’ll usually fight to eat it! He loves cheerio's and anything that is on my plate! ha ha!

jan 26 3


Sam’s hair was getting into his eyes a little so we went for his first hair cut and now he looks even more like a little dude! I was glad to have the hair all trimmed up though now so it should grow in looking a little better.

I always marvel at Sam’s long legs. For the most part, he seems very normal but then when I look at his legs they just seem so long! I am astonished by the amount of food he eats but still his arms and legs don’t have rolls. He does have a nice little pot belly though!

feb 1 8 


Sam loves to explore now that he is on the move. He loves chasing Tucker, lifting up the carpet and he really likes heat grates!

10 mos 6

Sam’s favorite time of day is when he is getting ready for bed because that’s when he gets his bath and book. Lately, he has been really liking to read. He will sit quietly on my lap and you can tell he is actually absorbing the pictures now.

10 mos 11

This month Sam seems to be even more snuggly than normal. He has enjoyed watching some cartoons while snuggling up with me on the cough.

10 mos 9


Sam HATES getting into his car seat. Lately, he gets excited to be getting out of it. He also hates getting into his highchair. He hates being told no, getting dressed and getting his face wiped.

10 mos 13


Met your cousin Lily for the first time on January 8.

10 mos 10

You got your first tooth on January 14.

Started crawling on January 23 and you haven’t sat still since!

10 mos 3

First haircut on January 26.



feb 1 1

How is it that I already have a 10 month old? It’s amazing to me that in the short span of 10 months, I had a baby who need me for everything, even to support his neck, to a baby who is now this mobile and somewhat independent little boy. There has been another big shift this month in your independence. You can go for hours playing and exploring and not even look back to find me. At the same time, I love  that you show affection now with your hugs and kisses.

I have started to think about life after breastfeeding and it makes me sad. It is a nice break that you and I get to take multiple times a day.

You are still my little buddy. A day does not go by that you don’t make me laugh. There are some moments that are hard and days where I look forward to your nap time. But then, as soon as you are gone to sleep, I start looking through my phone at your pictures because I miss you! ha ha!


jan date 1

Daddy is LOVING that you are active and mobile now. He loves to watch to play and loves to play along side you! The way you play with him is totally different then with me. With your dad, it is more active. It’s neat that you are able to tell the difference between how your dad will play and how I will. Now that you are nursing less, you and him are able to hang out alone outside of the house. He loves to take you on little road trips with him!


It was so great when Sam finally got a tooth but no body tells you how messy it can be! For both teeth, Sam developed blood blisters. For the first tooth, the blister burst during supper and blood starting dripped down his chin. The other he was sleeping over at Nana and Grandpa’s and there was blood on the crib sheet the next morning. Before having a baby, I had no idea teething could be so bloody!

For SO long Ryan and I would say, “He is SOOO close to crawling”. It was true and then all the sudden it seemed to click in his brain and he just started crawling forward and now there is no stopping him! It was from 0 to 60!

10 mos 8

Our boy is SO happy when he is naked.

feb 1 2

There was a huge shift in Sam’s love for books all the sudden. He now knows that they aren’t chew toys. He gets excited before bed because he knows he will get his story. He will now sit quietly and look at the pictures and listen to the story. It seems to really relax him and sometimes I’ll catch a little smirk on his face if I made a funny voice during the story.


Dearest Sam,

10 months, dude! Double digits! How did that happen? You are now an active and adventurous little guy as you begin being mobile. It is a whole new world for both of us now. You are so independent and no longer need me right by your side as you play! Even though you are a fun and silly little guy, there is a sweet and shy spirit about you. I love to see all the different things that make you, you!

Again and again I feel SO lucky to be able to have spent this time with you at home. The biggest thing we are doing lately is just living in the moment! Trying to remember your little quirks and fun expressions. I know the time is so precious and I am doing my best to enjoy every second!

I love you!






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  1. He just keeps getting cuter each month! Bath time and bed time are a favorite in our house too, Jeanette loves books.