Monday, February 16, 2015

A LOVEly Weekend!


Happy Monday everyone! I hope that your weekend was full of LOVE! I know mine was! Although it didn’t start out that way! Here is my boy, post spaghetti supper, having a complete meltdown. And like the mother-of-the-year that I am, I had to stop to document it before consoling him! ha ha!

feb 14 3

I’m not really sure what his problem was all week but he has been fighting naps all week (NOT LIKE HIM) and getting up again during the night. I’m thinking it may be more teeth coming through but who knows. I also wonder if he is trying to drop his morning nap (PLEASE NO!). Any mommy’s out there with an idea I’d love to hear it!

After Sam was cleaned up and in bed sleeping, Ryan and I decided to get our supper ready. It was a great suggestion from the hubby to wait till the little one was in bed to eat our supper. Usually we eat all together but instead while Ryan read Sam his story I finished up the pizza. We also got new internet so we were able to move our WII back downstairs to enjoy Netflix. It was the perfect winter set up, and our favourite thing to do on Fridays…Movie Night In Beechgrove!

feb 14 4

feb 14 5

Saturday morning Sam was up at his usual time so I took him downstairs for some cuddles and cartoons while Ryan slept in a little bit longer.

After we were all up Ryan entertained Sam while I made some pink Valentine pancakes. Dorky? Yes but totally us! I love a little corniness in my life.

feb 14 6

Ryan and I are not really big Valentines people. We recognize the holiday with a nice card for eachother but that is usually it. I guess between presents at Christmas and Ryan’s birthday at March, it just seems like an overload of STUFF. But this Mommy was pretty happy to receive this thoughtful card this year. Not going to lie, I cried! I just thought it was really thoughtful of Ryan to get me something from Sam.

feb 14 7

Saturday was another brutally cold day but we had our February date to do! It was Ryan’s month to plan and he did it well! But more on that another time.

Sunday morning we were off to church and Sunday school! Afterwards, we were going to follow my parents down to the city and join them for breakfast. When I got out on the highway my car was shaking and it was difficult to keep it out of the ditch! We were pretty sure it was just ice on my tires but with the –40 degree temperature, I decided not to risk it and headed home for a quiet day in.

Sam and Ryan both had great afternoon naps and while everyone was sleeping I got supper done and watched Knocked Up!

We have been playing a lot in the basement lately because there is less that Sam can get into!

feb 14 1

His newest favourite toy? This mini hockey stick! He just holds onto it all the time! Ryan is pretty excited about this fact! Tucker seems a little bit more scared of Sam now! Smile 

feb 14 2

How was your weekend?



  1. I always found that my son would regress a bit in his sleep pattern before major milestones; as well as teething (crawling, walking, talking, etc). Maybe he's just growing and about to pull out another milestone out of his bag of tricks! It will go back to normal, don't worry! :)

  2. Ugh, I think we are dropping a nap too. I'm fighting it tooth and nail. I'm not ready. Maybe in the Summer! Haha. Glad you guys had a good weekend otherwise. Hope the temps warm up for you a little!

  3. How cute is that picture of Sam having a meltdown? :) I bet you couldn't help but laugh!