Friday, March 6, 2015

2015 Year Of Dates- February


I apologize. I tried all morning Wednesday and Thursday to post this with no luck. I am having lots of trouble with our internet lately! Hopefully it will be fixed soon!


Happy Wednesday! Today Sam and I are hitting the road today to get some birthday party supplies and a birthday present for Ryan. It’s hard to believe in less an a month we will be celebrating the first year of Sam’s life.

For now, I want to recap back to February and the awesome date we had! February is always Ryan's month to plan so that I can plan something of his birthday in March. Over the last 3 years, Ryan has become pretty predictable in his dates. I would have bet money on the fact that in February our date would involve either the Rideau Canal or a Beavertail (or both). Wasn’t I surprised when I opened this years date to find this…


“The romantic month of love. Can you hear the lovely tune babe???? Sleigh bells ringing in the snow, kissin neath the mistletoe, out on the farm the cattle roam, its Christmas in the valley!!! I can’t see any other way to spend a morning and lunch with the two people I love the most, by going to Ladysmith for a nice leisurely sleigh ride and a warm lunch at Ladysmith hotel…”


I was shocked! This was the most effort (pre-planning) that Ryan has put into any of our dates. Not to mention it will easily be one of the most romantic things he’s ever done for Valentines day. Before Christmas, Ryan contacedt the sleigh people and picked the day, time and pre-paid. It was all set up for our date on Valentines day!

It was BRUTALLY cold that morning but like good Canadians, we grabbed all of our winter gear and headed out for our date. When we got to the farm we were a little early and took our time getting bundled up! Our boy had napped the whole ride there so he was rested before beginning the date.


We had a few minutes to spare as they got the horses ready for our ride. We walked around the property a little and looked at all their animals they have there.


It was time to go so we all jumped up into our seats, we were then covered with a couple warm blankets and took off! The size of the horses and their strength was so impressive. They could easily pull 4 people and 1 heavy sleigh through deep snow with no problem at all. The owners has created trails throughout a bush but we also hit the road through the town of Ladysmith!



It was so fun but the warm barn was a welcomed sight after about a 45 minute ride.


Before leaving, we were invited to see the miniature horses! 

If anyone is ever looking for a fun and local thing to do, I highly recommend 710 Excursions!


We took the 30 second drive over to the restaurant. One of our favourite locations! Our favourite place for wings! It has actually been a tradition for Ryan and I to go to Ladysmith Hotel sometime during the month of February as our Valentines date. We hadn’t had any food from there in while and it was just as delicious as we remembered!


Huge congratulations to my husband for continuing to surprise me even after these years together! I would have never expected a date like this as Ryan isn’t much of planner especially when it comes to pre-booking things. But I had an amazing time this Valentines day with my boys doing something I have never done before!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Awwww such a fun date! I think I would fall over if Alex ever planned a date, let alone one like that! Haha

  2. What an amazing date that Ryan planned for you :)