Friday, March 20, 2015

St.Patty’s 2015


Happy Friday and welcome to Spring! I know that the calendar date does not necessarily mean that I am going to wake up today and walk out the door without a coat, but it sure does give me hope!

St.Patty’s is always a big deal for my Irish family. Not only are we able to celebrate our heritage but it’s also Ryan’s birthday! St.Patty’s looks A LOT different this year as compared to the past. And this year we feel even a little more lucky because we have Sam!

I had been in the process of making this balloon wreath for Sam’s birthday. I decided to go ahead and give it a test run and hang it up for Ryan’s birthday.


Sam was pretty tired on the 17th and I had to wake him up at around 4. I put on his green shirt and he sipped on some milk while we enjoyed the last quiet moments before the festivities began!


The birthday boy (aka: Daddy) was all decked out in green too and we decided to go ahead and give him our birthday present!


My boys in green!


Sam and I. Anyone have any tricks on how to get an almost 1 year old to look at the camera!? Ha ha!


Usually, if it works out, we celebrate Ryan and my brother’s birthdays together. Jared’s birthday is on March 23 and usually gets skipped over because he shares the day with his son, Clark. Celebrating the two guys together is much more fun and a good excuse to all get together. This is Everett, who was hilarious! He would come back to the room every few minutes with something he had “found”. He was finding things I didn’t even know we owned.


As part of Jared and Ryan’s birthday gifts, I made them a couple of mugs. It’s kind of an on going joke that they always have to have some rye when they are working on the local rink. I figured I’d make them some official rink mugs to use! Rye was included in the gift as well!

Check out those Pizza Pizza boxes in the background! It was the birthday boy’s (Ryan’s) request to have pizza and McCain cake. I was MORE than happy to oblige. In the past, I would make homemade pizza for everyone but with dietary preferences and restrictions, it gets harder and harder. This way everyone had what they wanted!


Sam’s first daycare craft!


Everyone was fed and heading out the door by 7 PM. How things have changed! ha ha! But still a very fun St.Patty’s day!

How did you celebrate St.Patrick’s Day?


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