Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Samuel–11 Months


Written March 3, 2015



From appointment at February 4, he was 20.7 pounds, 73 cm long.


I am still astonished at how quickly Sam goes through clothes. He is in 12 to 18 month clothing, depending on what it is. PJ’s still are the biggest problem because of his large feet. His body fits in the jammies just fine but his feet are too big to fit. Footless is the only way to go with my guy, unfortunately. 



Sam is still in size 4 diapers and size 4 shoes. Although we’ll be making the switch to size 5 shoes very soon!


It is a whole new ball game when you kid begins sleeping through the night. Where it isn’t just a fluke but an every day occurrence. Sam has slept through the night, EVERY night in the last month. I’ve begun sleeping better as I don’t anticipate him waking up. I can see and think a little clearer! Ha ha!

There has been a few days where he has fought his morning nap and I think he’ll transition to only 1 nap a day shortly after he turns 1, but for now we are enjoying morning and afternoon sleeps! He is usually down for the night around 7 and up around 6:30-7.  Morning nap at 9 and afternoon nap around 1-1:30.


Well, I’m a little sad to say that we didn’t go a whole year without drinking ONLY breast milk. It’s not that I have a supply issue but sometime around this month I got sick of pumping. I figured I had enough in the freezer and put away the pump. Just looking at it made me want to be sick! I had pumped everyday for the last 3 months in order to get a big enough freezer stash for daycare. We had a wonderful doctors appointment lately where I mentioned that I’d be going back to work before Sam turns 1. I also mentioned that I had pumped lots for the freezer but that I was done pumping. I asked what I should give him after the breastmilk was done. He said, “just give him whole milk, he’s ready.” I began thinking and worrying that Sam may not take whole milk because he has only ever nursed. So, this month I cut out his morning nap nursing session and replaced it with milk. So far, the transition has been very smooth! He nurses  first thing in the morning, afternoon and night and then has milk after AM nap. He had no reaction to milk and actually seemed to enjoy it.

I’ve begun feeling a lot more freedom now that I am not pumping and feeling better that Sam will take regular milk. I know that I won’t be nursing much longer then after 12 months because of returning to work. I’ll keep nursing Sam every morning (my favourite feeding of the day) until he weans himself (hoping around 18 months).

Other then that, Sam eats everything in sight. My little guy has a HUGE appetite. 3 meals a day and 2 snacks. For his breakfast he eats 1 whole banana and a piece of toast with peanut butter, his favourite meal of the day! He eats pretty much everything that Ryan and I eat. The only thing we have discovered that he really doesn’t like is eggs. He gags everytime he even touches it.  


Handsome little man, but I am biased. My long and lanky boy his getting taller and taller. We took a picture of him in my moms arms this month and he looked like a giant baby! Ha ha! But that’s just because he is much more a boy then a baby.


This month especially, people finally see what I have been seeing since the beginning, Sam looks like Ryan. Well Sam looks like Ryan’s grandfather but I have always found a resemblance between Ry and his grandpa as well. The only thing he has gotten from me is his coloring. Brown hair and my big brown eyes. Otherwise, he is Ryan’s twin!

Picture below is Ry’s Grandpa and Sam



Sam LOVES food, bath time, Tucker and heating grates. He loves to clap, dance and “talk”. He is a huge snuggler and likes to get in nice and close to someone he trusts. He still only likes his NUK soothers. He loves car rides and crawling underneath tables. His favourite show is Bubble Guppies. Sam is always the happiest when he is as close to naked as possible. His favourite book is the Duck Dynasty beard story.



Sam doesn’t like eggs, getting his face wiped and getting dressed.  He hates going into his crib and getting it his car seat.



Starting clapping and giving high fives on February 11.

First valentines day on February 14.


Starting pulling yourself up to standing on everything this month, including your crib! I really started to notice around February 15.


First taste of cows milk on February 25.


You learnt how to climb stairs this month.

First skate on February 28.




For the most part, things have been very smooth this month. I am not so emotional and have come to terms with getting back to work. I thought I would have been more upset about giving Sam cows milk earlier than I wanted but he seemed ready. And I am certainly not throwing in the towel yet with his other feedings.

Motherhood is weird. In one way, you want time to stop or rewind. You never want your little baby to grow up. On the other hand, you SO looking forward to the fun things to come. During the blistery cold days, I can’t help but looking forward to taking Sam for a swim, pushing him on the swing and watching him walk around in the grass.

Honestly, I love being a Mom and it’s amazing how in less than a year my whole life can shift. Where most of my daily thoughts and activities revolve around such a little person!



Daddy and you sure do have fun together! This month he taught you how to use a hockey stick and throw (not just a ball, but everything!). He was pretty proud. Dad gives you a bath pretty much every night. He also really likes reading you your bedtime story and singing your lullaby.

I think Daddy is liking how easy you are to care for now. You feed yourself and easily entertain yourself. Daddy doesn’t even think twice about how to care for you. It’s second nature now.

You are a Daddy’s boy! You SO look forward to when your Dad arrives home! I think you know he is the fun one! ha ha! 


I feel like this month, more then ever, when I look at Sam he looks like a boy and not a baby. But also this month, he doesn’t even act much like a baby anymore.


You are getting more and more brave! Between crawling stairs and exploring every inch of our home. I can only imagine how it will be when you start walking.


Speaking of walking, little interest in it at this point. I think you realize that you are fast when you crawl and why mess with a good thing? ha ha! But with all of the standing you are doing, I know that it is just a matter of time before you take a step!



Dearest Sam,

Happy 11 months! Mommy has already started planning your big first birthday party! I hope to make it special for you. Along with celebrating your milestone birthday, we are also kind of celebrating the fact that Mommy and Daddy kept you alive for the first year of your life. You may not realize it but we had no idea what we were doing when you were first born! We were scared of messing something up or doing something wrong. Thank you for being such a good baby and letting us learn at our own pace. We have all learnt so much and it’s been an amazing 11 months.

Next month there will be a lot of new, scary and exciting changes happening to our lives. I pray that we will transition easily. I will try my best to be a strong Mommy for you and continue to guide you and our family.

Thank you for making every day so much fun! Everyday is a pleasure to have you as my son!

I love you!








  1. Tanner hates eggs too - I used to try to hide them in like oatmeal and he would gag!

  2. There's always been something about Sam that I thought resembled Ryan, too... I can see how people thought he looked more like your side of the family, but certain expressions he makes have always made me think he is his father's son! ;)

    lol - when you say Sam doesn't like eggs, I can just hear Stacy on our Year 2000 video that we made in Gr. 1... Teacher says, "Stacy, what don't you like?" And she twists her face up and says, "Eeeegggggs..." hahaha!!

    Can't believe the boy is almost 1!! Getting more and more handsome by the day!! I'm going to miss his visits when he starts daycare - but we'll be OK, Mom, I promise. ;)