Monday, March 30, 2015

We’ve Been Everywhere, Man


Happy Monday! Wow. Is it bad when a weekend is so busy that you are kind of looking forward to the normalcy that comes with Monday? I think our whole family was exhausted last night as we went to bed.

Friday I picked up my boy early from daycare (no issues, just our schedule right now) and headed home to do some puttering around the house. Ryan had the afternoon off to go play hockey and I was pleasantly surprised to see him home to have supper with us!

Sam was being very helpful when I was unloading the dishwasher!


Sam was pretty tired after an almost full day at Daycare. He isn’t use to the early morning wake up calls yet. We decided to do his bedtime routine a little earlier to help our little guy out!


When Sam went to bed, Ryan and I settled in for a movie night! After 3 choices of his, it was my turn to pick a movie! We watched Tyler Perry’s Temptation.

Saturday morning we were all up early and got ready for our day. While I was getting ready Ryan made us breakfast sandwiches! I’m not use to him being home so much during the Flying Elbows Tournament but I’m not complaining! The extra set of hands was nice!

In the morning we ran to Shawville to check out the curling tournament and hockey tournament. Make an appearance and support both! But we flew home to give Sam lunch and put him down for his nap at his normal time. We are trying to stick to the Daycare’s schedule as much as possible.

Unfortunately, during Sam’s afternoon nap on Saturday, it was also a birthday party next door for Faith and Clark, my niece and nephew. Ryan stayed at home with Sam and I went to the party for a couple of hours. After the presents were opened I rushed home so he could head to the hockey rink again to help out.


Sam woke up about 1 later in a great mood! For a while I was feeling like he was mad at me. He always wanted his Daddy because I think he was associated me with leaving him. There’s something that I love about a little boy in overall’s and I loved watching him play with his Uncle Jared’s old Tonka forklift. He LOVES this thing. Anything he can push around with wheels. Tucker in the background, never too far from us.


After Sam went to bed I had the whole house to myself! I practiced piano, did a facemask and then watched a chick flick on Netflix! I settled into bed pretty early knowing that Sunday was going to be a busy day!

We were all up at our usual time but on this particular Sunday there was no lazing around. We had breakfast, got dressed and then hit the road for Greely, Ontario! Social media can be an amazing place. It was through a Canadian April 2014 mommy group that I met these Ottawa ladies (1 missing) and their families. We have talked in the middle of the night, during sick times and many happy times. We’ve shared so much with each other and are now like family.

On Sunday Sam and I attended the dedication of our ABC (April birth club) cousin and then celebrated his 1st birthday. Between the three babies, there is only 3 weeks in age difference.


On our way home after a fun party, I got a text from Ryan saying that they had won their 1 PM game and would be in the finals. Really, I didn’t want to go but I knew how much it would mean to Ryan to have Sam and I there. So, I quickly ran into the house to grab milk and snacks and continued driving to Shawville. We didn’t stay for the whole game but Ryan enjoyed taking Sam into the dressing room to show him off to all his team mates. Unfortunately, Ryan’s team lost 3-2.

To say we were a little tired Sunday would be an understatement! Our boy was a trooper and thankfully we still stayed pretty consistent with his nap and meal times. We had such a great weekend together!


How was your weekend?



  1. Busy weekend for you! Sam is such a cutie :)

  2. Such a busy weekend!! Noah's favorite chore is folding laundry... Aka taking all the clothes out of the basket! Haha!
    Crazy the difference between all the kiddos just 3 weeks apart! It's true when they say they all grow differently! Love the overalls. Soo cute!