Monday, March 2, 2015

Welcome To March!


Happy Monday everyone! I don’t know about you, but I feel kind of excited that March is here. February was brutally cold here and the March forecast looks much more reasonable! Being that it was so beautiful out we bundled up and got outside!

Friday was a quiet day for Sam and I. Ryan went out of the sled for the day and then came home to bed. As of Friday, I have a regular stander! He was able to do it before but lacked the confidence unless Ryan and I were there to help him in case he couldn’t get back down. It’s a whole new world for him and you can tell he is so excited to see his surroundings from a different angle!


Friday night was suppose to be Movie Night in Beechgrove but Ryan couldn’t keep his eyes open from lack of sleep. I knew this was going to happen as soon as he left that morning on the sled. So, I prepared and PVRed some good and girlie shows to enjoy that night!

Saturday morning the sun was shining and the temperatures were reasonable! We bundled up and spent the morning outside! It was great to get such extended time outside without feeling like you nose was going to fall off. We took Sam to the Beechgrove rink that Ryan and my brother have been working so hard on all winter.

march 1 2

Sam’s first skate!

march 1 1

We hung out at home for the rest of the day Saturday. Ryan headed to the curling rink to play as a fundraiser for our local Lion’s Club and I settled in with a small bowl of ice cream and more PVR.


Sunday morning we all headed to church and Ryan took Sam downstairs to Sunday School while I enjoyed the full service, sermon included! It was such a treat to be able to sit by myself (aka: not wrangling a baby) listen to the word of God and reflect.

Mom and Dad hopped into our car and we all headed down for a family lunch at Boston Pizza! The whole family loves the Cactus Cut potatoes from there. Kids can eat free at Boston Pizza right now. Normally, I don’t get Sam his own meal because he would just pick at mine. But I figured since it was free, I’d get him his own and save the rest for his supper! HA! My boy continued to amaze everyone as he gobbled down his whole plate! It was his first taste of grilled cheese and he LOVED it!

When we got home both of my guys went to sleep and I started doing some birthday crafts! I CANNOT believe that Sam will be 1 soon but I am excited to get together with family to celebrate his first year. Nothing is cheaper or prettier then tissue paper pom-poms to decorate the house!


For the evening we all hung out, Sam helped me practice piano (his new favourite thing) and got ready for a busy week ahead!


How was your weekend?


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  1. I love that you took him ice skating. That's soooooo awesome! Dang, I had another thought and it's totally gone. Oh well it'll probably come to me at like 2am :) I even read through the post a second time trying to remember and I can't :(