Monday, March 23, 2015

“Hands Up” and My New Favourite Jeans!


Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all had an awesome weekend! In our household, we had a great weekend. Although, it was difficult to keep Sam happy as his top two teeth are popping through! I hope they break that last little layer soon and he gets some relief.

The weekend started out on Friday by Ryan and I doing our March date. He later had to go to the city for work because of the snow we were getting.

Saturday morning we were all up, breakfast eaten and then hitting the road. Ryan had a couple of errands to run in the city and Sam and I joined him. We stopped in at Wild Wings for lunch and Sam was being a big flirt with the waitress. She was loving him too and brought him a special plate of fries just for him! Ha ha!


I couldn’t resist these new shades for Sam as the ones from last summer no longer fit him. I actually scored them for FREE! Sam thought he was pretty cool stuff!


We eventually got home and Sam went down for his afternoon nap. Ryan wanted to go work on his truck in the shop. Here I thought it was just a small thing but he worked on his truck from 1 pm – 10 pm….Momma wasn’t happy!

But, once Sam woke up from his nap we had supper and played! He was in such a silly mood! Over the weekend he has learnt to throw his hands up in the air when I sing “Hands Up”. It was his favourite thing to do this weekend.


Sunday we were all up. Sam and I got ready for church and Ryan decided last minute that he was going to go for “one last” sledding trip with friends. I told him it better be the last trip, cuz’ his going out quota is UP!

I wore my new jeans on Sunday and I HAVE to tell you all about them. They are SO comfortable, they aren’t low rise (let’s face it, after baby, low rise just doesn’t work!), stretch, hug the curves in all the right places and only cost $29! They are like magic jeans! Where are they from? WAL-MART! I never thought I would love a pair of jeans from Wal-mart but these are perfect. Not only can you pick your waist size but also the length which I need for my long legs! I can go on and on about these jeans but they are seriously amazing! Check them out here! (No endorsements here I just seriously love them! Although if Wal-mart wanted to give me a few free pairs, I wouldn’t object! Ha ha!) 


Church was a little difficult because Sam was in a bad mood but we got through it and it was lunch time when we got home! I made Pita pizza’s for both of us!


Again, more “hands up” before nap! Smile 


Sam had a great nap and I got a lot of things done to prepare me for the week! 3 loads of laundry, 1 pot of soup, 2 suppers, treats for Sam’s birthday and office work! Sam was in a much better mood when he woke up and had some snuggles with Tucker while watching some Bubble Guppies.


I was preparing supper for Sam and I when from the kitchen I heard this funny noise. I come around the corner to see my boy like this! He has discovered the central vacuum plug in and continued to play with it for the rest of the night! Today, it’s getting taped up! ha ha!


Ryan eventually got home just as Sam was going down to bed but got to read him his story while I cleaned up. Unfortunately, just as I was getting ready for bed (at 7:30 pm) he was getting dressed to go to work. Boo! Hoping for no more snow so that there will be no more night shifts!

Now that Sam has started day care, I find myself soaking up the weekend moments where he is with me 24/7. I’m sure that changes eventually but for now, I just want to spend the weekends with Sam.

Today, we are on week 2 of Sam in daycare and what a difference a week makes! No tears or anxious feelings today. The routine is starting to be second nature.

How was your weekend?



  1. Thanks for the jeans tip, I need new ones. I can't wait to see Sam's new trick. Sunday we will have to each him how to wave palm fronds.

  2. What a cutie in his shades! I don't blame you for wanting to soak up the weekends! I dread going back to work :(