Monday, March 9, 2015

A Little Weekend Fun For Mommy


Happy Monday everyone! Where has the weekend gone? I’ll be getting in extra snuggles with my boy this week. Staying home and soaking up these last carefree days. We are going to stay in our PJ’s a little longer, go on nice walks randomly throughout the day and PLAY our hearts out! Because a week from today, Sam begins daycare. But I don’t think I’m ready to talk about that right now so let me tell you all that happened this weekend!

Friday night was pretty low key! We had our traditional Pizza and Movie night in Beechgrove! We settled down for a little Netflix with some microwave cookies!


Saturday morning I was up early with Sam and let Ryan rest for a while. I got ready eventually and hit the road. A girlfriend and I (I actually met her through an online Mommy group for Canadian Mom’s) were complaining about how much our men have been snowmobiling lately. So, we decided to start the Lonely Wives Club and Saturday was our first “meeting”! ha ha!

I hit the road a little earlier to do a couple of stops. One being Starbucks! I wanted a refreshing drink to sip on. I have found a new favourite! Peach flavoured Ice tea lemonade! YUM! And yes, I always do give Sam’s name. I figure the would appreciate the only 3 letter name!


I was gifted a Starbucks gift card for Christmas so I could buy a new travel mug. I had yet to use it but knew that I wanted a good coffee mug for my travels to and from daycare with Sam! I use to sip my coffee in the office but will now be doing that on the highway. I opted for a stainless steel one that surely I can’t break.


My next stop was Old Navy. The agenda, shopping just for me! No kids stuff. It was a little difficult but I found some really cute pieces for this spring! They were having a great sale where their clearance stuff was an additional 30% off! I got 5 items (the polka dot pixie pants included!) for only $52. I can’t even remember the last time I was in a changing room by myself, trying on clothes! It was a real treat!

I met my friend for lunch at Mangolian Village and then headed next door to get a pedicure! We had a great time chatting while getting some pretty toes! I chose a vibrant pink color because getting some Spring clothes (plus it was beautiful outside that day) put me in the mood for a fun color! 


We then headed over to the movie theatre to catch a new Will Smith movie, Focus. It was really good!

I am still finding it so hard to leave home without my boys. The thing is, I actually enjoy spending time with them! But, it is good for my soul to get a little time to myself. I’m not going to lie though, I LOVE it when Ryan would send me picture updates about their day!



When I got home I made supper and had some awesome playtime with Sam. I love that he gets excited to see me. Almost as though he missed me. He didn’t want to leave my side for the rest of the night!


Sunday morning we were all up and getting ready for our day! Ryan headed off to his last hockey game of the season and Sam and I got ready for church! I LOVED his little outfit that he got to wear. It’s a long sleeve shirt and pant onsie! It was like wearing PJ’s and he had fun adventuring around in them.


Including climbing the stairs! His new thing is climbing the stairs so I now have to put a baby gate at the stairs going up to the bedrooms!


After church Sam, my dad and I met Ryan in Shawville for brunch! We headed home and Sam went down for his nap, Ryan left to go pick up his new glasses and I settled down in front of the TV with a little craft. I am starting to collect “birthday” decorations and have always wanted to make this. I grabbed an unused foam wreath, balloons and a hot glue gun! I just have to add a “Happy Birthday” banner and this wreath is all done for Sam’s birthday!


Ryan got home and Sam was just awake from his nap. Sam knew something was different about his daddy and kept staring at him! New glasses!


Well I can honestly say it was an awesome weekend! I got to have a little solo time but also spend time with my new handsome men! The weather started taking a turn to being a little bit warmer. The daylight savings time change doesn’t seem to have effected Sam at all (thank goodness!), and we are looking forward to Spring days ahead.

How was your weekend?


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  1. Funny enough I just bought some pixie pants too! Not sure on whether or not I love them yet! Verdict is still out!! I always miss Noah when I go out! But I see how good it is for both of us when I do! That peach iced tea lemonade sounds good! I wonder if it's new?