Friday, June 26, 2015

A Library Card Holder

Happy Friday everyone! We have a somewhat quiet but fun weekend ahead of us that I am REALLY looking forward to! 

Last night our little family of three had a wild and crazy night...

Ok, not really but it was fun! Ryan and I went to our local library and each got a library card! For me, it was my FIRST library card (outside of school). Our little town is lacking a lot of things but we have an AWESOME library! 

Something that I discovered just this month when my cousin and friend Stacy, organized a book reading. 

I can't believe that I have lived in this town (on the outskirts) for 27 years and have never set foot into this library. I guess we never had the need as we always had a great stock of books at home. It also seems SO FAR to have to get my parents to drive us on the evenings. It's just not an activity that my family participated in. 

But last night I was excited to sign up for my very first library card. And also feeling slightly anxious about the added responsibility of remembering to return my books on time! We were the only ones there last night and the sign up process was a breeze! 

Afterwards we all picked a book! A new one for Ryan, myself and a new one for Sam. I am excited to be able to have a new book for Sam to read. My hope is that he is not a stranger to the library the way that I was. 

Sam's book

We also picked up a museum pass to use this weekend on our June date! I didn't even realize that this existed until just a short while ago and I think it's an amazing opportunity for families! To be able to go to some of the most famous museums in Canada for FREE! 

Afterwards, we stopped and grabbed a couple of ice creams and that just made the night AWESOME! How an ordinary night can be turned into such a fun evening! 

Hope you all have an awesome weekend! 


  1. Glad you made it and glad you were actually able to score the passes, sometimes they are gone when you want them!

  2. Glad that Stacy's book reading led you to the library. I get all my books downloaded to my tablet to read, from our library.Love it!