Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day Weekend 2015

Good Morning and Happy Monday! I hope that everyone's weekend was wonderful! I'd like to do a little recap of mine!

Friday's just aren't the same when you have to work on Saturdays. I had a business event in the late afternoon/early evening so Ryan did the Daycare pick up, supper and bed for Sam. I grabbed a few groceries before heading home and was sad that Sam was already in bed when I arrived home. I hate not being able to see him. I quickly changed and Ryan and I grabbed a quick supper and watched a movie.

Saturday morning I was up early to get ready for work. Sam and Ryan snoozed away while I headed across the road for the office. It was a pretty busy morning and I needed some help from Ryan so he brought Sam over to me while he helped serve a customer. It was right before Sam's morning nap and he was getting pretty grumpy and the only thing that kept him entertained was a mint container that was found on Jilly's desk!

When I got home my Dad was there to help us with a little reno project. We grabbed a quick lunch, I put Sam down for his afternoon nap and then got to work! We were re-doing the porch posts. It was a quick job with three people doing it and we got done by early afternoon. Ryan and I woke Sam up and then headed out to a kick-off to summer party at Jason and Mandy's. It was great to visit and chat with friends there. Sam was starting to get grumpy the closer it got to his bedtime. We headed out and put him straight to bed. He was exhausted from all the playing.

Once he was in bed we settled in for another quiet movie night. We heated up a pizza and watched Fruitvale Station! It was such a sad movie.

On Sunday I would normally sleep in a little but I wanted to get up early so I could get things ready for Father's Day! I made some cookies for Ryan, got breakfast ready, got his present out and eventually relaxed with a coffee in the Sunroom before waking my boys.

I grabbed Sam and we happily climbed into bed to wake Ryan and wish him a Happy Father's day! We all headed downstairs for presents and a big celebratory breakfast!

Ryan and Sam played all morning before church and then afterwards as well. Watching them makes me SO happy. Seeing all the awesome Dad's at church and on social media gives me so much hope for Sam's generation. There are so many strong and kind male influences in their lives and I believe it will help his generation grow up to be amazing members of society.

For Father's Day, Ryan requested a quiet afternoon by the pool! And when Sam was sleeping that is exactly what we did! Read, swam, napped and stayed out at the pool all afternoon. It was glorious! Later that afternoon, I got supper ready and my parents joined us. Sam is very active now and they got to see that first hand. I think by the end of the visit he had tired them out! Ha ha!

We had such a fun and relaxing weekend and I was sad to see it over! Someone else had a hard time getting out of bed this morning!

How was your weekend?



  1. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that Aunt Sue and Uncle Bill won't be taking all 4 kids alone any time soon! Bahaha!

  2. Funny, Stacy! I agree, Lindsay, the children are surrounded by wonderful dads and father figures. Lucky everyone, we are blessed.