Monday, June 15, 2015

A Weekend With TWO Picnic's!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you got out to get out and enjoy the beautiful weekend! I can say that we had an amazing weekend where neither of us had to work and got to spend the whole time together as a family! We spent SOOO much time outside enjoying the beautiful weekend! It was awesome! 

The weekend started out by a quiet Friday Pizza night and then movie night in Beechgrove! We use to watch Netflix through our Wii but we were having an awful time with it freezing! We spent the $40 on a HDMI cable on a whim one day and it is the best money we have spent! We now use our Netflix so much more because it never freezes! We watched Django on Friday and it was pretty good but it's a LONG movie! 

Saturday morning we were up, fed and ready to hit the road right before Sam's morning nap. We headed to the city for glasses and haircuts! Sam HATED getting his haircut this time around! Ryan and I literally had to hold him down. We decided instead of eating out for lunch, we would have a picnic! I packed some watermelon, sandwiches, homemade rice crispies and veggies with dip! We drove a little piece to a city park and enjoyed our meal! After our lunch we headed into the park and let Sam loose! He's a little young for some of the play structures but he LOVES the slide. 

We got home in time for Sam's afternoon nap which gave Ryan and I some time outside to prepare for the Sunday School Picnic. We actually got everything done off our checklist and spent a little time rocking on the porch. Sam woke up and we went for a swim and then headed in for bed. While Sam was in bed we had another movie night! This time watching Snitch! We really liked it! 

Sunday morning it was up and at it! It was time for the Sunday School Picnic. The hard thing about having a party outside is that most of the prep has to be last minute. Our dirt roads make everything so dusty and everything has to be wiped down that morning. The Ergo was the PERFECT thing to help me multitask! Look after a pre-nap toddler and get things ready! 

Sam went down for a morning nap while we finished the last of the to-do list and then sat back to relax before the picnic! It's ALWAYS my goal to be done 1 hour before the start time because I love those last few minutes to relax. I hate the feeling of scrambling around. 

It was Sunday School Picnic time so we all gathered for a church service in our garage and then had a BBQ and potluck lunch! There was SO much yummy food! The pool was open and was well used! There were 29 children this year at the picnic! Love that our church is thriving with people of all ages and love that Sam will grow up around a wonderful church family. 

Sam even got in for a "swim" before nap time (best way to clean off sticky hands and faces!). Thanks Kerry for the picture! 

It's great having the picnic at our place because while Sam was napping we got to watch the monitor outside and continue the visit! As you already know we stick really firm to Sams schedule and so it was nice to be able to still enjoy the rest of the picnic even though he had to go down to sleep. 

After everyone was gone we spent a few minutes cleaning up and putting stuff away but there wasn't a lot to do. So we enjoyed a cold drink by the pool with my parents until Sam woke up. Once he was awake we headed back outside for more play time! He was in a very silly mood! He got this little four-wheeler from a close friend and neighbor and he LOVES it! 

I was not in the mood for cooking so we brought out some leftovers to re-heat and a buffet style supper of random food. Sam actually loved it and devoured his meal and half of mine! 

After supper we went for a drive around the farm and had more time playing inside with Silly Sam! He was really being a Ham and loved showing off for us! ha ha! 

We spent so much time together this weekend and spent so much of that time outside enjoying the beautiful weather. I even mentioned at one point how sad I'll be this winter to not be able to spend as much time outside (I know, it's not even July yet! ha ha!). I can't wait to soak up more fun weekends with my boys! 

How was your weekend? 


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