Monday, June 1, 2015

Highlights From The Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! It was a rainy weekend around here but we enjoyed it despite the nasty weather. This weather is not just good for ducks, it’s also good for these little seedlings that we are hoping will sprout soon for a new bent grass field!

After a long week on Friday, I was hoping to get Sam home and spend some time with him before bed. We enjoyed pizza for supper and Ryan got to have a quick bite to eat too before heading back to work. Once Sam was in bed, I put on a Netflix documentary (my favourite) snacked on a few chips and a Crystal Light. It was a quiet night but I knew I had to get up the next morning for work.

Saturday morning I got up and got ready for work while my boys slept in. It was a busy Saturday, everyone coming before any rain that I actually ran out of sod. There was no one else around so Ryan had to go cut sod while Sam stayed with me and served customers. To say it was chaos would be an understatement. He wants to run around but it’s not safe because of the stairs but hates the being held for long. I was the only one in the office so it was interesting answering phones and helping customers all with an almost 14 month old in my arms.

Thankfully, Ryan was super quick at cutting sod and came back to get Sam. The morning continued to be crazy as I loaded sod roll after roll. By the end I was filthy and ready for a quick dip in the pool to clean off before lunch.

When I got home, Ryan took off to the Bristolview Fair truck pull. Sam went down for a nap and the storms started! So much rain! I puttered away inside the house at laundry, dinners, breakfast sandwiches, and even managed a little nap! Sam slept till 4 (!!!) and was in a fun mood when he got up!

Ryan got home in time for supper and then after we went for a drive around the farm to look at all the fields. This is one of Sam’s newest favourite things, he loves to “drive”.

Sunday morning we were up again and off to work but the good news was that Sam got to come with us! We worked all morning and got home just in time for lunch and to put Sam down for his afternoon nap.

While Sam slept Ryan and I worked outside on our own property. Laying sod (finally) around my garden, whipper snipping and picking weeds! It’s nice to be able to get things done on our own property.

When Sam was awake, we all got in our swim suits and Sam went for his first swim of 2015! He LOVED it and was giggling away at splashing the water. It was a little chilly so we didn’t stay out long. Ryan continued working outside while I made supper. Sam wanted to go outside with his Daddy and I turn around to find him like this!! When did my baby get so tall?! He was even able to wiggle the door nob. Yikes!

It was a busy weekend with lots of work but that’s what life is like this time of year. At least we still get to spend most of it with our boy!

How was your weekend?


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  1. You guys are probably pretty busy at this time of the year as well!! We just planted some seed, I'm hoping it takes this late, but yes, we were happy to see the rain haha. Noah can totally grab the handle now, but hasn't figured it out - thank god! Sounds like a busy weekend!