Friday, June 12, 2015

Year of Dates 2015 - May

Happy Friday everyone! Thank goodness the weekend is almost here! I think we will actually get to have a weekend off together as a family! It's going to be a treat to spend this extra time together! 

I almost forgot about our date in May. We did it so early in the month that it feels SO long ago! But it was our first full date that didn't involve Sam! It was weird at first not having with him with us but it's amazing all that you can do when you don't have to worry about a baby and his schedule. Again, we are SO thankful for amazing grandparents that offer to keep him, no questions asked! They are excited to keep him and we know he will be taken care of! 

We started our day pretty early by dropping Sam off and then heading to Le Nordik Spa! This place is like heaven on earth! It is so beautiful and relaxing. With a pass for the baths, we got to enjoy any of their pools and saunas! We were there right when it opened and the place was still quiet. So we got to go to whatever we wanted without worrying about crowds. This was Ryan's first time and I think he really enjoyed it! 

We got to use the facilities showers to get ready for the next portion of our date. We hit the road after lunch (by the way, the restaurant there is SOOO good!) and actually hit up a kids sale. The place was DEAD and we got to shift through it. Sam was in desperate need of daycare summer clothes, mostly t-shirts! We picked up the essentials! It was great going when there was no one else there. 

We had some time to kill before supper and although this wasn't originally part of the date, we went to the nearby mini-putt and played a couple of rounds! It ended up being SO fun and a highlight of the day! Sometimes it's those unexpected plans that end up being the most fun. 

We certainly worked up an appetite and headed over to our favorite restaurant, THE KEG! YUM! We love to go, sip on a drink and spend the time chatting and eating some yummy steak! We even went to the location that was the same one we went to almost 3 years ago on our honeymoon! 

We were STUFFED and a little tired from our other activities but the night wasn't over! We are young and we didn't have a baby to go home to so we decided to also go to a movie! Ryan has been DYING to see Fast 5 and thankfully it was still playing in theaters. The movie was pretty good but my favorite part was the tribute to Paul Walker at the end! 

We were SO TIRED by the end of our big day but it was so great to have a FULL date with just Ryan. We really appreciated the time together. And the next morning sleeping in a little and not having to worry about a toddler was a huge treat! 

May 2015 will was a memorable one! 

Hope you have a great weekend! 


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  1. I have never been the Nordik but I wanna sometime! And isn't it Furious 7 or something - think Fast 5 was like EONS ago haha - sounds like a nice date