Monday, June 8, 2015

Work and Baseball

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all got to enjoy a fun weekend! The end of our week was a little rough. On Wednesday night Sam went to bed with a fever and I just had a feeling we were facing some more sickness. 

Oh boy, daycare germs sure do make busy summer work difficult. Because of a high fever on Thursday and Friday, Sam had to stay home and I had to stay with him. Ryan and I both had very busy work days on the road for Thursday but Ryan couldn't switch so he had to work. The only good thing was that I got A LOT of snuggles! We basically just sat and watched cartoons. Sam wasn't even interested in playing! 

 Thankfully, late Friday morning Sams fever broke and he was back to normal. It was like having a long weekend. I even got a snack of take out that the girls were ordered at the office for lunch! 

We spent a lot of Friday afternoon playing outside so that it could wear off some energy! Friday night Ryan was playing in a baseball tournament so I had to stay home. It was unfortunate because I was suppose to have a book club meeting. 

Saturday morning I was up early and got ready for work. Ryan and I both had to work in the morning so we decided it would be best to try our hands at a non-family member babysitter. It was the ideal situation since she was local and we were just right across the road if she needed help. I think Sam had a great time playing with the babysitter and everything worked out well. Ryan and I only had to work till lunch time which was even better. 

Sams nap schedule was a little off on Saturday so we decided to take a drive to the city. Ryan is in the market for a new bike so we drove to a couple places to check them out. All the while Sam never slept a wink ALL afternoon but was in such a good mood. We stopped for supper at East Side Mario's and it was one of the most fun meals out we have had in a LONG time. Sam was so happy to sit and dance to the music, "talk" with us and eat. 

That night Ryan had ball again which meant I was at home. But I put a Netflix movie on and made the best of my night alone! 

Sunday morning Sam and I were going to head to church but then Ryan mentioned that he had a semi-finals game. We never go to watch Ryan's games anymore because they usually interfere with Sams sleep schedule. But this one was at 10:30 which meant that we could go! Last minute we decided to opt out of church and head to the ball field as a family. 

I was a little nervous at first about keeping Sam happy throughout the whole game but a few snacks and it was great. He loved yelling, "dada" when he saw Ryan out in the field. 

We grabbed a quick chip-stand lunch and headed home just in time to put Sam down for his afternoon nap. While he slept Ryan and I worked away at "Spring" cleaning the garage to get it ready for hosting the Sunday School Picnic next week. It actually didn't take as long as we expected. Sam was still sleeping so we actually grabbed our golf clubs and spent an hour practicing our swings. We also enjoyed some quiet time at the pool with a drink. 

Sam had an AMAZING nap on Sunday and eventually I had to wake him up! We had some BBQ for supper and then loaded on the side-by-side for a drive to check out around the farm. 

The weekend FLEW by and after being at home with Sam since Thursday, I am actually kind of ready to get back to our routine of work. Between work and Ryan's sports, I feel as though I have been getting a little bit of cabin fever. Ryan and I don't like the idea of getting a baby sitter too often. We prefer to try to work out our schedules so that one of us can be with Sam. Lately though, it's always been me. I have some things planned this week and I can't wait to get out for a bit! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. Maddy is 8 and I still have not got a non-family member babysitter bahaha!

  2. Oh, Stacy, that makes me laugh! Lindsay, I am proud of you and Ryan for taking the big step to trust someone else with Sam. Missing church for some family time sounds like a great idea to your Minister, lol!

  3. Poor little guy :( glad to hear he is feeling better though!