Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Some Things You May Not Know About Me

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

It's been a kind of hectic week already! Yikes! It must be a true sign that the end of June is here! The coming days will continue to be busy as we prepare for Canada Day! Woo Hoo! Ryan and I were talking yesterday and we realized that this is one of the busiest summer's we've had! The key is to have a "family calendar" that we mark down all the important events to keep straight! That way we always know who is doing what and who is on parent duty! 

I've been blogging for quite a few years now and there are probably quite a few of you who know pretty much everything about me. I'm kind of an open book. But there are a few things that maybe some of you don't know about me! 

1. While I think it's been mentioned before, it is still an important detail in my life. I sleep with my childhood blankie. I HATE snuggling but I need to be cuddled up every night with my blanket. This blanket was actually originally my brothers but he never became attached to it. When I was born it became mine and it quickly became my security blanket. My whole childhood I can remember this blanket. There was a specific corner that I would smell and tickle my nose with while I sucked my thumb. While I have dropped the thumb habit, I couldn't stop using that blanket. School was quickly approaching and my mother had to do something quick. One day she took my blanket and told me she got rid of it. I was heartbroken but quickly forgot as I started school. Later in life (like 8 or 9) I was playing dress up in my Moms closet and found my blanket! She had actually just hid it. I have never let go of that blanket since. 

2. I don't have a lot of fears. Anything that makes me feel uneasy I can usually fight through. The one thing I can't, my fear of the dark. But it didn't stem from nothing. When I was a little girl my Mom was helping set up at our local hall for an event. I was there with a kid my age and we were playing in the adjoining park. I had to use the washroom so ran in the side door to use it. While I was there, my mom and her friends finished their set up and closed down the hall. This included setting the alarm and turning off all the lights. This hall has no windows so when the lights go out, you cannot see anything in front of you! They didn't realize I was in the bathroom and while my mom tried to search for me outside, I came out of the bathroom to pitch dark. I started walking and eventually got to the front door. While I hit the handle to open the door, the alarm immediately starting blaring. Since then I have to have multiple lights on at night and cannot go into dark Halloween haunted houses.   

3. As some of you already know, I only have 1 sibling. An older brother. But what most people don't know is that I had wanted my parents to adopt another child! I would BEG them, put it on my Christmas list and ask all the time! One day I thought I had them convinced to adopt a baby from China. I even had my future sister's name all picked out! It was going to be Jasmine Pamela Sue Hamilton! 

4. My mother is originally from Nova Scotia. She spent most of your childhood in Eastern Canada and eventually her family moved to Ontario in her teen years, where she met my Dad. I never knew most of my family from that side but I have gotten to know them over the last few years and we have made up for lost time. They are AMAZING. My moms childhood (and her 3 other siblings, she was the oldest) was turned upside down when their mother decided to take a fun ride up in a small aircraft and it crashed. My grandma died in that crash. My mom was 8 when her Mom died and she remembers it very vividly. She remembers being told what happened, she remembers not being allowed to attend the service. Her brother Jimmy was staying at an Aunt's and they found him one evening on the roof. They told him to get down and asked what he was doing. He said, "I'm closer to Mom up here, I want to be near my Mommy". I think this event shaped the rest of their life. I have been lucky enough to start to get to know this family and it let's me see what life may have been like. They are the kindest, most fun, and loving people. I know that I would have had a very close relationship with my maternal grandmother. 


Tell me something about yourself! 



  1. Oh, number 4 just breaks my heart. I can't even imagine how painful that must have been to go through as a child. Losing a parent at any age is devastating, but so young!

  2. Oh wow, that last one choked me up.