Monday, September 14, 2015

It FINALLY Feels Like Fall

Happy Monday everyone! Yesterday at Sunday School we were playing a question game. I asked one little boy the selected question, "What is your favorite season?"

He quickly answered, "Fall!" Me too buddy, me too! 

The temperatures have dropped and it is REALLY feeling like fall. It rained all weekend and it just added to the coziness!

We had very few plans this weekend. Ryan was playing in a local ball tournament all weekend and Sam and I hung out! 

Sam has started to want to carry his own backpack at the end of the day! I can't help but get a little chocked up when seeing him walking with it. I am not going to handle his first day of school well! Ha ha!

I had to rush off after dropping Sam off because I was meeting the girls and loading up to head out for supper to NOT (read: totally) celebrate someone's birthday! ;) 

I LOVE Montana's and I am never disappointed with my meal there, Chicken Taco's! Yum! 

Pic via Jill's facebook 

Saturday morning we woke up to another gloomy day but we packed up early, grabbed Tim Horton's for breakfast (Sam is really into bagels with cream cheese right now) and then grabbed some groceries! We have this weekend routine down to a science now! Sam always naps in the car ride home after groceries and then goes in his highchair for a snack as soon as we get back. The time that he is having his snack allows me to unpack and organize the groceries. 

Sam and I played inside, had lunch and then he went down for his PM nap. During that time I made my to-do list and got to work! Picked tomatoes, made some freezer pizza's, wash and organize Sam's fall clothes and make pumpkin bread! All the while it wind was blowing outside and the rain was falling. I snuggled in for a quick nap before Sam woke up! 

For supper I tried a new recipe was Pinterest. This bacon and cheese bake was good. Tasted just like Bacon Bunnies. I likely won't make it again being that I prefer bacon bunnies better because they get crispy. 

My brother and his family are at the cottage right now so we have been keeping their dog and feeding the fish. Sam has really enjoyed coming with me to feed the fish and watch them swim around! He knows the routine now and pushes his step stool closer to the tank.

I had a quiet night alone at home. Sewing more clothes for Faith's doll for Christmas, watching a movie and then bed early! 

Sunday morning I was excited and nervous to head to church. Sunday school was back and I was so looking forward to being with my church family again. But the last time we went, Sam wasn't walking yet. I was worried about the time before Sunday school starts. I was worried he'd climb the stairs to Grandpa, run down the aisles and just be very distracting. Thankfully, Sam surprised me and was happy to sit and look through a hymn book and then sit with me for Children's time. Downstairs he had his snack and played with all the toys and other little ones. It was just an over all successful morning and I love being back to our church schedule! 

The rest of Sunday I processed my tomatoes, got supper's ready for the week and hang out on the raining day with my boys! 

How was your Fall(ish) weekend? 


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  1. Sam looked so grown up walking over to Children's time!!!