Friday, September 4, 2015

NOT Doing and Having It All

Happy Friday everyone!

Have I ever mentioned how much I actually do love blogging? Every now and then I think about closing up this little online area of mine. But then I need to look something up and look back into my blog and find it. I've been able to journal, vent, remember and even make some friends through blogging.

Some of you have been reading for as long as I've been writing. For the most part, I think I personally know many of my readers in some way or another. But I am sure that there are a few that I still may not know and who don't know or see me on a regular basis.

The thing about blogging is that a person can get very caught up in thinking that a blogger "has it all"! She has it all together! Perfect house, family, wardrobe. Somehow they manage to keep everything in their life just right. They really do seem to do it all!

But here's a little bloggy secret for you, those "perfect" authors are not. For the most part, bloggers only show you the good with a little bit of the real and sometimes bad mixed in. I think it's easy to get caught up in the game of trying to make everything seem picture perfect.

And I'm sorry if I have ever given any of you that impression about myself.

The thing is that I don't really want to dwell or write about that bad things in my life. I want to try (for the most part) to focus on the good, the funny and the helpful.

I also don't over edit and stage a lot of my pictures. I want it to be as real as possible.

But there are some things that are very fake about me.

For one example, you will NEVER see a picture of me without makeup on. I am very conscious about my skin and complexion and prefer to cover that up. It gives me more confidence when I "put my face on" every morning.

The other thing? Ryan and I have lots of fun together and while I love my husband will all my heart, we aren't perfect. We fight, we nag and he drives me banana's A LOT! I find him to act like a bachelor and he hates that I nit-pick so much.

My perfectly clean house? Yup, I don't clean it. For a few years now we have hired someone to go into our home once a week to deep clean our home. We felt the cost was justified in our budget as we have no vices like smoking, drinking or gambling that we waste our money on. At first, I felt REALLY guilty about this and would try to hid it from friends and family. I felt like that people would think I was lazy. I've gotten over that since because I know why I am doing it and don't need to explain it to anyone else. I love the added time I get to spend with my family! But anyone who comes over and comments on how neat and clean my house is should just realize it's not because I've been scrubbing it myself.

You see, no ones life is perfect! And with time I have stepped back and tried my hardest to not doing every little thing that may be expected of me. I don't want or need everything to be absolutely perfect in my life nor do I want it to be. 

Hope you all have a great long weekend! 


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  1. I've thought about closing up my blog before too, but like you... I just love it to much. I think people focus on the good because who wants to focus on the bad? Bad is all around us... so focus on the good to have a positive attitude :)