Friday, September 11, 2015

Flashback Friday - School Picture Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

Over the last week or so my social media outlets have been all about back-to-school! With all of the first day pictures flooding my wall, I can't help but look back and think about my own experiences with school. The thing is, I LOVED back-to-school time. I couldn't wait to get ready for my first day. Pack my lunch, plan my outfit. The smell of brand new school supplies had me so excited. Another big day in my life, picture day! Here's a little flashback of my school pictures. 

I couldn't find my Kindergarten picture but I remember it being a bad one! Some how we never got word that it was picture day and I was wearing my super joggers with my hair not even brushed. 

 Grade 1: 
My mother still dressed me. Oh the bangs and toothless grin! That was the same dress that I wore in the Pre-K production of Goldilocks. Being that my hair was so not blonde and all, I played Goldilocks.  

Grade 2: 
The year of growing out my bangs. Also the time when my front adult teeth were coming in and they were very buck tooth. I loved that dress with matching headband. 

Grade 3: 

My Parisian stage. This year I started picking out my own clothes and decided a beret was a great fashion statement!  I also wanted my hair curly that day so my mom rolled my hair in rags the night before! 
Grade 4: 
That crochet vest? My moms! ha ha! Such a 90's look! 

Grade 5: 
Speaking of 90's, check out the choker!

Apparently I had BIG ambitions in grade 5. This was what my answer was in Grade 5 when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. I think this is around the time I started to love politics. 

Grade 6: 
Last year of "little" school and first picture showcasing my new teeth accessory....braces! Also, check out how I signed my name in that grade. The "i" was made into a smiley face. Pretty bad ass....*side eye*

Grade 7: 

I present to you, my most awkward school picture!! Oh the early teen years are rough! New glasses, braces, no idea how to do my own hair and someone might need to start wearing a real bra. I hated this picture and I hated my first year of high school! Thankfully, it got better! 

Grade 8: 
The summer before grade 8 I was singing at the Ottawa EX and the organizer wanted all the girls to get their hair braided. I actually loved it! It was easy maintenance all late summer and early fall. Also, my braces came off the WEEK before this picture was taken. I smiled everywhere I went! 

Grade 9: 
This is the year I really started coming out of my shell. Made some amazing friends, joined clubs, cared about my grades. I love high school from here on out! 

Grade 10: 
Same thing, loved high school! Felt confident in myself and who I was! Traveled with the school to New York and to Europe! 

Grade 11: 

This isn't my official graduation picture but my final year! My most favorite school year! I was head girl and really involved in school. I had good grades, I was accepted into university for next year and just felt like I really had my stuff together. I had my close group of friends and tried to be nice to everyone in school. Check out the duck necklace I am wearing, I had a weird infatuation with ducks back then! 

Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me! :) 

What was your favorite year of school? 



  1. bahahaha - I love the Parisian outfit - I loved the crocheted vest, I bet you were wearing a broomstick skirt or palazzo pants with it, cuz that's what I did lol

  2. Such an awesome posts. My worst school pictures was grade 10 :( and it happened to be the year that yearbook was in color... sigh ! lol

  3. I should get my mom to dig mine up...I'm sure there are some terrible ones of me!