Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Happenings Of The Labor Day Weekend

Welcome to a short work week! I have to say, that fact that it is already Wednesday is AWESOME! 

In the past, the week after labor day, I'd be telling you all about the fun we had at the Shawville Fair. And while we did attend this year, it was different then what we experienced in the past. Not bad, just different. 

For one thing, this weekend was DISGUSTINGLY hot! Just standing at the fair would make you break out in a sweat! It was too warm to be out walking for very long. Sam was just sitting in his stroller while getting pushed and was sweating. 

It's been really busy at the farm right now because we are cropping. This means there are certain people who are evening working well into the night! We usually provide supper for this crew and I was on supper duty! Home around 5, supper at 5:30, pick up meals at 6 and deliver them to the fields, bath/bed for Sam at 6:30. It was a full speed run to get everything done in the evenings. 

Thankfully Friday, the guys were done cropping for the week so we got to have quiet and more slow paced evening at home! 

Saturday we were all up and out the door by 7:30 and having breakfast at my favorite, Gabriels! I LOVE their homefries and eggs Benedict. Sam got pancakes and gobbled them up and then proceeded to eat 2 of Ryan's sausages. I still can't understand where he puts it! 

We grabbed a quick load of groceries and then hopped over to get Sam's haircut, something we have been avoiding. The last few times Sam got his haircut he had major meltdowns. Both Ry and I would have to hold him down. Sam's hair has gotten really thick and grows fast and was starting to get in his eyes. As we placed him in the car I even told the hairdresser, he won't be as quiet as your last customer. And he said, "I know, I remember him"...yikes! 

Well Sam surprised us and sat there quietly just looking at the TV and pretending to drive the car he was sitting in!! It was a success! 

We headed home for a quick lunch and Sam's afternoon nap. We got him up at his normal time and loaded up to head to the fair for the first time in 2015! We were surprised by how quiet the midway was but I think the heat turned a lot of people away. We decided not to get a ride pass for Sam this year as we would only be able to go on one ride. Next year we'll attempt to introduce to him the joy of Fair rides! 

Instead we enjoyed the Fair food! We got pizza and fries. Sam ate a few fries but instead gobbled down blueberries that I had packed him. On the way out I grabbed mini donuts and he was suddenly starving and ate most of them himself! 

We got home and put Sam to bed and we decided to have a fire and play a board game. We really wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather when we can! 

Sunday morning I was up to get ready as usual before the boys! I wanted to make a special recipe for breakfast. Pumpkin French toast! It was so good and I will be making this ALL the time now! 

We were not going to church as there is not Sunday school right now so we had a great quiet day at home. It so hot again and decided to spend sometime by the pool. We were given this puddle jumper from cousin/friend Tanner and are happy to report Sam FINALLY likes the pool! We will definitely be packing this on our winter vacation. 

That night I got ready, picked up Jill and headed to the Fair again. It was nice not to have a big diaper bag and stroller! The best part, taking our time and walking through the craft barn looking at all the beautiful stuff people submitted! I decided to step outside of my normal Fair food comfort zone and tried "The Scotty" poutine! Which was to-die-for!! 

We watched Doc Walker, visited to friends, had a lemonade slush and bevertails! It was a great Fair night! 

Despite my late night, I was up early again to get a head start on the day! Again, a super warm day but not too hot for my chihuahua! He loves that kind of weather! We headed to the Fair for lunch but did not stay too long because it was too warm for all of us!

 Hate to say it, but I have Christmas on the mind! I had an idea for my niece and wanted to get started this weekend. I am going to make her a bunch of new clothes and accessories for her special doll, Reese that we got her last year! So far so good! 1 tutu, 1 pair of pants, a toque and scarf! 

To stay cool after supper we decided to go for a ride around all the fields! It was a beautiful ending to the weekend. Sam was very chatty and silly on our drive and we decided to take a silly family selfie! Love weekends that allow me to spend so much time with my boys! 

How was your long weekend? 



  1. I see Reese's hat is much nicer than Madyson's hat hahaha! Good job!
    It was a pretty hot weekend, not complaining though. I am complaining of all of us coming down with a cold for the long weekend, oh well!

  2. Those people who thought of the kids hair cut place are GENIUSES! John was fine the first time, but not a huge fan the second time. It was nice to know that he could scream and cry and they were used to it! Plus, they have like 12,000 different activities and snacks to occupy them! GENIUS! Sam looks so handsome with his haircut!!!

  3. Oh man, I wish I'd had one of those poutines Sunday night instead of the supreme chili fries! My biggest fair regret!
    Love the pic of the three of you sticking your tongues out... my mom is gonna love it too haha!