Wednesday, August 10, 2016

2016 Year Of Dates Recap - June and July

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope everyone's week is flying by! It's been a weird week for me because I have had to change my precious schedule this week. But I'm adjusting and today it almost felt like the new routine was solid. 

It has been quiet on the date front here but I assure you, they are happening. It's just most of our dates are not as exciting as they once were. While the dates are not as exciting, I am noticing Ryan and I taking a lot of opportunity for at home "dates" that weren't pre-planned. We are pretty lucky with our little guy and his very predictable schedule. Plus, we stick pretty close to home now as we are not ones to get babysitters very often. So these two factors make for a lot of movie nights, board games and fancy suppers after Sam is in bed. 

But we still have our "Year of Dates". Something that we plan for each other. Not only is it a great Christmas gift that keeps giving all year long (and is free!) but it's been fun for us to come up with unique ones! This year we vowed to do fun things for our at home dates! 

May and June are the hardest months to get our dates done. It's our busiest time not only at work but there also seems to be a lot of social events too. We were able to get in our May date but June was impossible. But when we opened our July date, we realized that June and July were very similar. 

Ryan and I had both planned (in different months) an evening at the pool. SO we decided it was perfect to combine them. 

Ryan's date in June was an outdoor evening by the pool where we would eat BBQ pizza by the fire and decorate new coffee mugs for each other! 

My July date was to have BBQ pizza by the pool and then set up our own outdoor movie theater by the fire! 

See? Similar! So the perfect chance to combine them! 

We got the pizza ready and while it was cooking, got to decorating a mug for one another! 

Anyone who knows Ryan and I, know we are NOT artistic. Whats so ever! But it was fun and the best part was revealing them to one another. 

My mug on the left and Ryan's on the right. 

As we were finishing up the pizza wascooked and we could have our outdoor supper. 

Then we set up my lap top, refreshed our drinks, made a fire and settled down for Now You See Me on Netflix! 

It was the perfect summer evening! And all the while we could see Sam sleeping peacefully upstairs in his room! 

The dates are WAY less exciting and we stay home more often then not. But we are homebodies now and still take time to carve out some time for a date even in the busy summer months! 

Wait until I tell you what Ryan planned for August! I was SHOCKED! :) 

Happy Wednesday! 


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  1. How long are you going to leave us in suspense Lindsay? I want to know what August's date is!!!