Monday, August 29, 2016

One Of The Last Weekends Of Summer

While I know the official beginning date for Fall is a few weeks away, around these parts the upcoming Shawville Fair weekend is usually the kick off. The nights and early mornings are beginning to feel cooler. It is a VERY welcomed break from the extreme heat. 

It was a pretty low stress weekend together! Being outside and soaking up the nice weather while we could. 

Ryan was gone on Friday and Sam and I had to get to work on fixing some irrigation when we got home. We figured it out but it was leaving no time for making supper. Thankfully, while water was running we ran over to my parents house so Sam could have a bowl of cereal. Nana and Grandpa to the rescue! 

We got home and both headed to bed early! It is always no problem for all of us to get to bed early after a busy week. 

Sam has been taking about "momma and dadda's" room all week. On the weekend we like to bring him in our bed for morning cartoons. Sure enough, it was the first time he asked for on Saturday morning! 

We all had breakfast and got ready for the day. The boys were heading outside to play and I went and picked up my Mom for a belated birthday outing. 

First stop was The Rocky Mountain House in Renfrew were we both got our first Schnitzels! It was SO yummy and I am really wanting to go back! 

Our next stop was the McDougall Mill Museum! I heard about this on FB and thought it looked really neat. It's basically a museum of antiques from locals who have donated it for display. There is everything from toys, dishes, farm equipment, and my favorite part, the clothing! It such a neat place to visit! 

I got home to a quiet house as both boys were down for a nap. I quietly got a little tray ready and headed out to the pool for a few visitors I was expecting. 

The boys got up, watched some TV and then we headed out on our trails for a quick ATV drive. 

I made a quick grilled cheese supper for the boys and then we headed out to play. Sam is obsessed with his sandbox. It's fun to sit back and watch his imagination. He loves to fill his toy dump truck with sand and dump it in another spot. Over and over again! 

Sunday morning, after morning cartoons and breakfast, we took a short ferry ride over to drop off seed and visit friends Rebekka and Josh. It was nice catching up over a morning coffee and Sam loves playing on their deck. 

We had chipstand for lunch, both boys went to nap again (seriously, how does my husband need this much sleep?) and I got to work on bread for the week and getting garden veggies processed. 

We had a quiet evening. It was SO muggy outside! Got things ready for the week. When Sam went to bed we were mean parents and had ice cream cake, one of his favorites! 

How was your weekend? 


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  1. Glad you got to see the Mill Museum, Maddy thought it was neat and its pretty cheap admission.
    Looks like you had a great weekend.