Monday, August 22, 2016

August Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that the weekend was slow for you! We had a great weekend together! A weekend where we can all spend time together is A+ in my books! I guess I was just feeling appreciative of being at home with Sam and Ryan. Usually at some point one of us is off some where. But not this weekend! 

I have to say, I was pretty tired on Friday but I made it through the day with a little help from coffee. When I got home, Ryan told me to lay down for 10 minutes while he played outside with Sam. That man got lots of brownie points! That little cat nap was heavenly and I could be chipper the rest of the evening. We all hung out, played and then eventually went to bed. 

Saturday morning I was up early getting a picnic packed because we were going on an adventure! The boys slept in, got dressed, ate a quick breakfast and then headed off. But more on our adventure later this week...

From such a busy morning, Sam was tired and really needed his afternoon nap. So down he went and then I went for a quick sleep as well! I set my alarm though because I hate sleeping too long. 

While we slept, Ryan headed over to the go-kart track right near our place to meet up and race in celebration of a friends birthday! He LOVED it and has been talking about going again soon. 

After my quick nap, I got to work on getting some garden fresh produce ready to preserve. My little garden has been good to me this year! I made my 8th jar of dill pickles. I had some dill seed drying to keep over the winter. 

And my tomatoes are starting to ripen. As they are ready, I boil some water, skin the tomatoes, remove the core and then place the whole tomato in a bag in the freezer. My hope is sometime when its quieter (late fall- winter) I will take all the tomatoes out of the fridge and turn it all into a tomato sauce base. Good for spaghetti, lasagna or pizza! I have SO many tomatoes but not a lot of them are ripe yet! Looking forward to when they do turn red! 

Once Sam was awake I packed up some supplies. A little homemade Sangria with white wine from our wedding! Yum!

 And we headed to Jills to sit on the deck to enjoy some pre-concert Tragically Hip music, snacks and drinks! We had a great time visiting with friends. And Sam is getting use to these Saturday parties with this gang. Ha ha! He was dancing, playing and just being a little party animal. He was EXHAUSTED when he left. 

After we got him to bed, Ryan and I (and the rest of Canada) tuned into CBC for The Hip concert live in Kingston. Again, very bitter sweet. Such awesome music, amazing concert but sad thinking about it being the last. I was very emotional during Scared and Grace, Too. 

So proud to be Canadian that night tuning in commercial and interruption free (thank you, CBC!) to give this amazing musician the proper salute he deserves. 

The boys slept in on Sunday but I was up early and decided to make some cinnamon buns to have that rainy morning. 

After breakfast and lazing around a bit, Ryan wanted to haul a couple of loads of topsoil by our pond. Of course he can't do that without his little working buddy. Who was pretty excited about his matching hat and boots like Dada's! 

In order to haul soil, Ryan and Sam needed to take out the dump trailer and he would also need the loader. SO, still in my PJS...I got to drive the big loader to the field. I felt pretty bad ass! ha ha! 

When they worked, I got to work on sorting through some of Sam's clothes. I gathered all his pants, long sleeve shirts and sweaters to take inventory of what he'd need. Happy to say besides a couple 3T sweaters, dressy shirts for church, running shoes, winter boots (which I'll get same ones as last year), mitts and toque, (we have a snow suit, woo hoo!) he is set for Fall and Winter! 

I got lunch ready for us all before the boys got back. Roast beef panini's. But I had to laugh...Sams plate just had sandwich and cherry tomatoes. Mine had a salad on the side and Ryan's had chips! My husband ate zero veggies that day! Ugh!

The rest of the afternoon we hung out, prepared food for the week and just relaxed and played! A whole weekend together! Perfect! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. sounds like a great weekend. I went through Maddy's clothes this weekend and hope to do Tanner's this weekend, I have a feeling a lot of pants will be coming Sam's way!

  2. The picture of the cinnamon buns is killing me!